Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Explosions

The northeast has seen its share of violence and natural disasters as of late - winter storms focusing on Boston. Just when Bostonians thought they had seen the last of this seasons storms ... along comes one of a different nature.

The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practice it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies.

I spent Monday in the city working on a project. While I was there I kept sensing a disaster of some kind, but I thought it might have to do with the fire I had blogged about before I left called "Flameproof". I had so wanted this week to be about all things positive and creative, but that was not meant to be.

News of the explosions at the Boston Marathon spread like wildfire - New Yorkers and Bostonians often tied by some imaginary karma thread. New Yorkers still remember 9/11 and other attempts at terrorism thereafter that were foiled in time. Everywhere in the city, people were watching events unfold and hoping we were not part of some terrorist plot.

The police were everywhere ... everyone on their cell phone. Social media brought news and then comfort to those who had friends and family in the race. I have clients who run the race each year, but was not sure if they participated this year.

Once again, the world was on alert as people speculated about who did it and why. I told the people I was with, that at least one bomb had not detonated, later confirmed on the news. They will quickly find the terrorists - answers given in this latest act of violence on American soil. Of course, none of it makes sense ... end times are not supposed to.

Patriots' Day in Massachusetts, is a celebration of freedom in honor of the first shots fired in a war fought in the name of liberty - and a day on which Bostonians usually celebrate in a touching act of community, a marathon in which strangers cheer on strangers. This year, rescuers ran toward the wounded on Boylston Street in acts of true heroism - running toward the sound of the screams. In the end, the terrorists will fail because Bostonians did not turn from their fellow men - they turned toward them. That is the real music of our journey in the realms of this experience. Brace yourself for more end-time explosions. You know they are coming. These are all wake-up calls not about the end of the world, but about the end of the experiment and our consciousness hologram.

  FBI probes Boston 'terror' blasts   BBC - April 16, 2013
An investigation is under way after two explosions near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon left three people dead and at least 140 injured. The FBI has taken over co-ordination of what it described as a "potential terrorist inquiry".

How to Avoid Boston-Bombing Online Scams   Live Science - April 16, 2013
Whenever there's a major news event, spammers and scammers capitalize on it by spreading malware and trying to fleece the unsuspecting through email, social media and search engine poisoning. So it will be with the Boston Marathon bombings, which took place this afternoon (April 15). Over the next week, be very wary of strangers, or even friends, contacting you with special information regarding the attacks. That tweet promising exclusive video of the bombings? The shortened URL may link to a malware-infected website. The email attachment offering proof that Obama was behind the bombings? Don't open it, even if it comes from someone you know.

Social Media Shapes Boston Bombings Response   National Geographic - April 16, 2013

Fifteen minutes after Sara Bozorg, a doctor at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, finished the Boston Marathon on Monday, she heard the first loud blast. Then she heard the second one, and spied the smoke rising. Police quickly descended around the finish line and, with cell phones mostly not working, Bozorg and her boyfriend repaired to his home, turned on the news, and logged onto Facebook, where Bozorg posted that she was OK and that her phone was down. "I have been following my friend's Facebook account who is near the scene and she is updating everyone before it even gets to the news," Bozorg said by e-mail on Monday night.

5 Other Sports-related Attacks   National Geographic - April 16, 2013
The explosions that ripped through the finish line of the Boston marathon on Monday, killing at least two and injuring scores more, rattled an entire country. But sporting events around the world have a long history as targets for violence. Many of the attacks have been labeled acts of terrorism, even as President Barack Obama notably avoided such language in speaking about the Boston Marathon attack on Monday night. A list of some of the more notable attacks on sporting events ...

Earth Changes

Series of earthquakes shakes Oklahoma   MSNBC - April 16, 2013
A magnitude-4.3 earthquake shook Oklahoma early Tuesday, the United States Geological Survey reported. The quake struck at 12:56 a.m. local time (1:56 a.m. ET) around 30 miles northeast of Oklahoma City. It was measured at a depth of 3.1 miles, the USGS said.

Also ... the Lyrid Meteor Showers start today.

Iran struck by magnitude 7.8 earthquake   BBC - April 16, 2013
A magnitude 7.8 earthquake has struck south-east Iran, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reports. The epicentre of the huge quake was 86km (53 miles) from the city of Khash, near Pakistan's border. Tremors have been felt across the Gulf and the Middle East. Tall buildings swayed in the Indian capital Delhi, reports say. At least 37 people were killed and 850 wounded in a 6.3 magnitude quake in south-west Iran on 10 April.

What Caused Iran's 6.3 Deadly Earthquake?   Live Science - April 9, 2013
Crashing continents caused today's deadly earthquake in Iran, which killed dozens. The magnitude-6.3 Iran earthquake hit in the southern Zagros Mountains, a stunning range that marks the boundary between the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates. The Arabian plate is grinding northward at about 0.4 inches (10 millimeters) a year, pushing the boot-shaped Arabian peninsula into the Eurasian plate, which covers most of Europe and Asia.