Monday, April 8, 2013

The Loss of a Child

As you know, I often blog about college age students suffering from any number of emotional problems, going postal, or taking their own lives. On a sad note, I received this email from a client in Chicago, and reader of this blog:

    Dear Ellie,

    In our last reading, you said someone was going to leave us soon. Grandma's spirit was around me, so I was worried. Sadly, it turned out to be my daughter, Monica, 22, away at university in Michigan, who died Friday from complications of depression. The grids sent me a dream the night before she died. In the dream, my dog went to a morgue to smell Monica's body to believe she had died. This was before her body was discovered when some one noticed an unusual odor. Just as cancer and heart disease takes so many lives, depression takes the lives of the young and promising. Mary was in a special program to be an art teacher.

    Also, in the news on Friday ... Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew, 27, commits suicide after suffering from mental illness resulting in deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I know you are psychic and often as much as we are shown, some things are never told until it is after the fact, as the destiny of that person must play out, as per their programming. All of the meditations, natural products, etc. cannot change the fate of the souls or the hologram itself, but I know you understand that and the nature of reality. Perhaps this might bring you some degree of comfort at this time. I can't imagine any greater loss than that of a child, especially at such a young age and with so much to live for. Mary's death is so sad and we send our love to you at this time.

How things work

The climate

Tomorrow, the temperature in the city is going to hit 80° while the midwest experiences a hail storm and spring blizzard. By now most people have done their homework on climate changes, reality shifts, and expect the unexpected.

When numbers follow you

Do you remember 11:11 and the codes that followed linked to creation? You are going to discover that numeric codes are going to follow you everywhere ... so please pay attention and search them on google or wherever. They are very important now. They will show up in dreams and meditations.

The reunion

As you know ... life is about patterns ... that often repeat. You may recall that last month I read a man ->woman who is transgendered. What are the odds I would read another client like that? very high ... Last week a client of 20 years called to book a reading for her daughter. As I remembered - she had two sons, but though I was wrong. She arrived at my door with a tall stunning looking woman, age 21, who turned out to be her son, now going through the process change. She is gorgeous. So what is the message? Could it be the reunion of the male and female aspects of one's soul at this time of transformation of body, mind, and soul?

The new Lexus

My old car is a 2008 white Lexus 350 RX. Though it has low mileage, it is time for a new car - same make and color - but with updated features. I tend to buy cars from a dealer that have low mileage and are a year old. And so this spring I called everyone I know in the car business as the car will be there - that was two weeks ago and I trust Z. You do remember how well we shop together.

Reports on a 2012 SUV: From NJ - nothing. From Manhattan - nothing. From my son-in-law Ryan in Westport, CT. who is friends with the owner of Westport Lexus - nothing. Ryan owns a LandRover dealership in Milford, CT. and said he would look around at the auctions, but found nothing. It seems no one is parting with my car of choice in white.

Saturday, after finishing with clients, Z said ... "It's time to go buy the car!" So off we drove to Bay Ridge Lexus where we were greeted by a very nice salesman, John, who showed me the 2013 models - nope. He also had a gray and a black 2012 RX 350 - nope - not my car but I loved the newer features. I don't like the grill and headlights on the 2013 designed to attract a male audience I was told, but it is totally a "chick car" as the guys call it.

As John and I exchanged business cards - I asked Z where "my car" was? Suddenly, John remember that late Friday afternoon several new cars had come in and were on the roof.

Off he went to see what was up there - returning a few minutes later all excited that a 2012 white SUV was indeed there. (Ellie thanking Z who nodded in approval and the synch that the car was "above" :)).

John got the key and we climbed the "stones stairs" (metaphor) to see the car and check the mileage. "Not to worry," I told John, who by this time knew what I did after having exchanged business cards. "The car will have 6,000 miles". We opened the door, I got in, turned on the ignition, and there was 6,100 miles and the new "Ellie-mobile"!! The car was perfect. Love at first sight!! It has a gray interior.

We went back to the showroom - called the manager to inspect my car for trade-in and off the guys went to make me their best offer. FYI - My car had 15,555 miles. I know most people would keep a car with that low mileage, but Z said it was time for something new, and I agreed. It's about the latest features, the warranty, and best of all, a feature that allows me to call for GPS assistance if lost and not able to use the Navigation system properly. A woman alone needs all of these features ... just in case. Also ... should I have an accident and become disabled ... it calls for help on its own ... or Z comes to my rescue ... stops time again ... and reboots me into the hologram again good-as-new. How many times has he done that ... more than I can count, but that's another blog.

Back in the showroom ... once John and the manager were gone, Z said to call Ryan, which I did, and explained what was gong on. John returned with his figures, but it was Ryan's input that saved me $5,000 in the end through a series of negotiations where everyone comes out a winner - even Ryan. Thanks Z! It was amazing to someone like John but not to me and Ryan, as we know how Z works.

FYI - This feels like the last car I will buy ... and you know why ... I pick it up this week but not sure what day.

The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is also going to follow your life more quickly now, so please pay attention. The first domino will quickly lead to the fall of the others for you and the universe - which starts with the "Big Domino" or the Monolith from "2001 a Space Odyssey". Once that Big Black Domino Falls - it signals the end and off we go.

The paint job

It's time for my apartment to be painted. Richard, the painter for the building, showed me the colors the building offers, but I wasn't impressed. Who should come to my door for a reading on Sunday ... the woman who designs the colors for Benjamin Moore. After our reading, she got her color charts and we made some decisions. It seems that gray is trendy but not my color. Now, to find Richard today and then get to the paint store.

The lamp

About 5 years ago, I went to a lamp store and met the owner. It turned out she had been my client 20 years before and went on and on, raving about her reading to her employees and customers in the store. Her life was taking a turn and she remembered me, which is probably why I was guided to her store, which is not in may area. Long story short ... I had admired a Tiffany lamp which she offered to trade for a reading -- right there -- right then -- in her office at the back of the store -- so off we went. Among the things I told her, I told her she was going to sell the store ... before a recession (which happened months later) ... and that it was time to retire and get out. She listened and also sold the commercial property the store was in.

I brought the lamp home with loving care, but somehow it never quite fit in. And so I gently put it in the closet until I could determine what to do with it.

The years passed and I forgot about it until ... the day I went to Dori Ann's apartment (see blog about the workshop) when it sort of toppled onto the carpeted floor in the closet. Therein likes a metaphor ... all things must come "out of the closet" when they are ready or suffocate. I lifted it out carefully and asked what it wanted. Apparently, it was ready to leave ... and move on the Dori Ann's home.

After Dori Ann drove me home, I told her to wait out front while I got the lamp. I brought it down to the lobby, at which time Dori Ann just happened to get a parking spot in front of the building - not easy to come by at that time of the evening. As she took the lamp, it became a sort of magic moment, as everyone turned to admire it. We plugged it in and the blue light glowed through the glass, truly inspiring. The lamp now lives happily in Dori Ann's home where all can admire it. She also plans to use it as a prop at some point in one of her spiritual productions in the city. She also told me that when she gently cradled it in her arm, from the parking spot in her building to the elevator, a little boy approached with his mom. As the little boy ran towards her, he stopped dead in his tracks, stared at the lamp and asked if it was a "magic lamp".