Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ellie's next workshop

A client and friend named Dori Ann, who lives a few blocks from here, called and asked if I was still teaching. She and her family have been my clients for 20 years, though she is only 38. As the story goes ... one day, just after I moved here, her aunt came for a reading and showed me Dori Ann's picture. She was only a teen then, but I felt a very strong connection to her. She is all about spirituality and helping others. In the years that passed, Dori Ann came for readings and classes. On occasion, we would run into each other in a local story and catch up. Today, she works in media production and has my enthusiasm for life. As soon as I saw her apartment and felt the energies, I knew it was time to make plans ... and so we have. In three weeks from today ...

Psychic Tools For Healing and Balance

Workshop Description:

    The world is changing so rapidly, we often rush about having little or no time to find our authentic spiritual selves. People feel anxious, stressed, forgetful, as time accelerates, beckoning them to some greater destiny. In the transformational energies of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5° Scorpio, the class will gather in the home of Dori Ann Scagnelli in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, on the water. I believe that life is a simple equation once understood, but humans make it complicated. You may have read my blogs, had a reading with me, been to past workshops, seen me on TV or other media venues, friended me on Facebook, and now its time to share an afternoon together for fun and learning. This workshop will create a supportive environment in which you will explore:

    • The nature of reality, why you are here, and where it is all going.

    • Psychic tools in "2013 consciousness" for easy use - practiced with the class and whenever guided.

    • Are you a teacher, healer, energy worker, counselor to others and don't know it ... yet?

    • Are you drawn to self-help books, classes, TV shows ... learn why. Bring something to write with.

    • We will be moving energies with our minds and bodies, so please dress comfortably as the class is interactive.

    • Is this a time of great decision making for you? Let's get to it ....

    • Quick tip for balanced living - always keep it simple.

About Ellie Crystal

    Ellie Crystal is a contemporary spiritual healer, teacher, author, and psychic whose works and theories can be found on her award winning website Crystalinks.

Date: Sunday April 28, 2013

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Location: 9201 Shore Road - Apt. C208

Fee: $80
Payments are non-refundable due to limited seating.
After payment is made, please send me an email so I can place you on the list.

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