Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eclipse of Consciousness

There are few, if any, prophecies left to play out, so after years of reading and researching about this date and that, you have to trust your instincts about where it is all going.

Humans are still taking a look at their emotional programming, often a mix of many anxiety disorders, to unexplained physical symptoms and how they react.

Mid-May seems to be a major time of transition. How does it affect you?

April 25, 2013 -- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5° Scorpio

Lunar Eclipses
  APOD - April 25, 2013

Black Sun, Black Feathered Sun

The Black Sun refers to the eclipse of consciousness in the alchemy of time. It is the instant when light and dark reverse - all Fades to Black - our consciousness hologram ceases to exist - we return to that from which our souls emerged - and the complexity of our experience is understood.

Solux lives on the other side of the sun

The alien in the crystal