Friday, April 5, 2013

When dreams and realities merge

Thursday morning, in my wake-up dream, I was saw myself walking a dog, though I don't have one.

    As I woke up, I heard the barking of dogs from the street below. I looked out as two people walking dogs had stopped to talk - their dogs barking at each other.

This morning I had another wake-up dream incorporating events in my life with my with my dream time. Last night, I watched the latest episode of "Bones," which I recorded Monday night. The victim of the week is the producer of a "Judge Judy" rip-off, appropriately starring "Judge Trudy". It showed how reality courtroom shows are staged yet people love them.

Segue to my wake-up dream. I was in a room somewhere as people kept coming to tell me that we had to go to court, and they were concerned I would be late. And yet I felt the timing was wrong for me to "leave," so I stayed in what was probably a "green room" or kitchen area as I noted a microwave.

    Yesterday, I got a new microwave.

Though not listening to the others in my dream who told me to hurry, I pride myself on the fact that I'm never later.

    Yesterday, I asked a question on my on my Facebook wall -- "What group of clients are the most punctual for their readings with me?" The answer is "teachers". I was a teacher and work with time.

Back to the dream ... I was still taking my time knowing I would be on time as everyone else left. The clock on the microwave read: 7:20. I knew it was time to go (wake-up).

    I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It read 7:20.

Yesterday, I received this email from a TV producer.

    Dear Ms. Crystal,

    I'm doing development research on a new show for The Discovery Channel in which murders are solved with the aid of psychics. I've been looking for some great cases online but most of what I'm finding are not particularly recent.

    If you have a moment to link me to a couple very good examples from the past 10 years, I would be really grateful. It doesn't matter if the skeptic community didn't believe, our show would retell the murder and solve it vis-a-vis the psychics visions.

    Of course, if the show gets picked up, I'll be back in touch to see if you would like to participate - but at this stage we're just looking for a few recent, convincing cases.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

We have an appointment to talk this morning at 9:30. I will be on time.

Also ... Yesterday I found a new article for my file on Dreams.