Friday, April 12, 2013

Earth Changes 2013

By now, most people have done their homework on climate changes, reality shifts, and expect the unexpected.

This week, the temps in NYC were over 80° on Tuesday and Wednesday. At the same time, a Crystalinks advertiser in Colorado was experiencing a blizzard. Temperature suddenly plunges 55 degrees in Colorado: 'It's just brutal'   MSNBC - April 9, 2013

4 Things You Need to Know About Tornado Season   Live Science - April 11, 2013
1. Tornadoes can happen anywhere, any time of year.
2. The difference between tornado watches and warnings.
3. Don't open your windows. Or shelter under an overpass.
4. Tornado season can't be forecasted.

2013 hurricane season prediction: Above-average year   Yahoo - April 10, 2013
Mother Nature appears to be showing no mercy when it comes to hurricanes. This year's Atlantic hurricane season could see 18 named tropical storms with nine forming into hurricanes and four of those increasing into major hurricanes, according to a pre-season forecast released Wednesday.

The sun

Sun Unleashes Biggest Solar Flare of the Year Yet   Live Science - April 11, 2013

The most powerful solar flare of the year erupted from the sun today (April 11) sparking a temporary radio blackout on Earth, NASA officials say. The solar flare occurred at 3:16 a.m. EDT (0716 GMT) and registered as a M6.5-class sun storm, a relatively mid-level flare on the scale of solar tempests. It coincided with an eruption of super-hot solar plasma known as a coronal mass ejection. "This is the strongest flare seen so far in 2013," NASA spokeswoman Karen Fox explained in a statement. "Increased numbers of flares are quite common at the moment, since the sun's normal 11-year cycle is ramping up toward solar maximum, which is expected in late 2013."

  You must watch this 3 minute video about upcoming solar activity as anything can happen now - the unexpected - aquarius effect ... July 22, 2013 Full Moon 0° Aquarius.

That day the sun moves into fiery Leo ... Oy vey! I hear a clock ticking and see the lion waking up.

Making plans

Did you notice that people are living each day as it comes ... not as if it's their last, but more about the unpredictability of tomorrow or an intuitive knowing that it can all end in the blink of an eye. How far ahead do you plan?

Did you also consider that long range career plans are not easy to determine as the world changes. If you are a child today, your future career/careers may not as yet been created.