Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Curse of the Pharaohs

On Friday night, I spoke with Sherif about life in Egypt, as the months roll by. Just as I had predicted when he went there after the revolution in 2011, the news is not good. He will be returning to the US some time in the fall. As it had been a while since we talked about Zahi, I decided to ask. Zahi is not under arrest. He is living in his apartment in Cairo, with travel abroad limited, as there are those who would love to know where he hid the treasures of the pharaohs ... and other artifacts. Zahi believes that his fate is the result of the curse of the pharaohs ... Good luck with that in a courtroom. Guilty!

Curse of King Tut's tomb turns 90 years old   MSNBC - April 5, 2013
Happy birthday, curse of Tutankhamun. The rumor that some mysterious force set out to kill the team who opened the tomb of the boy pharaoh turned 90 Friday. On April 5, 1923, Egyptologist Lord Carnarvon, the 57-year-old financial backer of the Tutankhamun search who opened the tomb along with Egyptologist Howard Carter, died of an infected mosquito bite he'd slashed open while shaving. Carnarvon's failing health spurred a media frenzy that gave birth to the myth of the "Mummy's curse."