Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday in the City

There's nothing like a gorgeous spring day to open the hearts and minds of students at my workshop today.

"Metaphysical Potpourri" is a 2013 approach to ... everything.

Checkpoint in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Saturday April 27, 2013

This afternoon, Exit 2 on the Belt Parkway, just outside my home, became an NYPD checkpoint, as clients and I watched from above. Cops pulled many cars over, but I am not sure who or what they were looking for or if they found anything. They were not issuing tickets, They were searching vehicles, especially larger ones. With the Boston Marathon Bombings just two weeks ago, and the suspects claiming to had planned to bomb NYC, one can't be too careful.

There are so many conspiracies, I hardly know where to begin. From the nature of creation - focus on religion and false gods - to everything we experience - it's all one big secret laced with clues as busy work. Reality is as real as you want to make it ... or not believe in any of it at all.

Back Together

What was on my clients' minds last week? ... family entanglements highlighted by being forced to live with family members as a result of financial loss. Old issues return to be reviewed and resolved while new issues surface. Some people are not meant to live together. Many people live best alone.

Designer Medicine

New Jersey, April 2013

My daughter Zsia works with a man named Jack whose son, Michael, developed a rare form of bone cancer 3 years ago at age 6. After treatment, the cancer went into remission, but later returned.

Alas, a new way of finding a treatment was developed. It surprised me that it has never been tried before and makes you wonder why people have to go through endless trials when this type of treatment seems less invasive and less painful.

A piece of Michael's tumor was removed and divided into several sections each one treated differently to see what would work best on his cancer if anything ... and voila .... they found one. Michael is on the road to recovery for now. Watch the story posted on NBC April 17, 2013.