Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Memos

Today, I pick up my new car - see previous post :)

The server is loading very slowly which might have to do with the storms in the mid-west where it is located.


I love lightning, enjoying it most as a child in the Catskill Mountains where my family spent summers. I never understood my fascination with it, until I realized the connection with creation and physical reality as electromagnetic energy grids.

Wednesday night, I witnessed the most spectacular lightning show ever. It all began as I was talking to George while looking out over the Verrazano Bridge ... when suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed across the center of the bridge and I jumped up for a closer look. What made it so spectacular was its width. It was huge. If ever I'd witnessed reality as projected illusion - this was the moment. The first wide lightning bolt was followed by one that arched across the entire horizon as if the sky was going to open up. Lightning of extreme width continued on for several minutes then returned to normal size. Awesome.

Seen from space

People often look at enigmatic landmarks, such as the Nazca Lines and other unexplained monuments, as markers for the return of gods or aliens some time soon. This of course would be about this reality ending and souls returning to the source of creation, or however you perceive closure.

Coney Island with George

Friends and I have visited the iconic Parachute Jump on the boardwalk at Coney Island, when no one was around. We've observed the 12 around 1 grid design and all came away with the feeling that it was linked to UFOs or something paranormal from the past that would awaken in the future. How about this thought ... The rhythmic displays mentioned in the article below brought to mind the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" ... when the UFOs arrived.

Coney Island's Parachute Jump gets $2 million upgrade and 8,000 programmable LED lights   New York Daily News - April 11, 2013
The new LED lighting scheme on Coney Island's tallest structure - the parachute jump - will be programmable with funky rhythmic displays for shows and concerts. The increased number of lights is a dramatic jump from the 450 that were installed throughout and the ride will reportedly be so bright it can be seen from space.