Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

The teacher in me is activated today.

Planet Earth has often been called a classroom, as we come here to learn and experience until the school bell rings and it's all over.

Here we are in what most consider the last week of the summer season, or the week before Labor Day. In many places, children start school today, a.k.a. their journey over the next 9 months.

I spoke to Matthew and Noah this morning and both told me they are nervous ... the normal feeling on the first day of .... anything. Matthew (5th grade) said he has butterflies in his stomach. Noah (3rd grade) is concerned because he is supposed to bring the books he read this summer to school and he didn't read many. Further, he has been separated from his best friend Will. But he's being brave ... after all, they are BFF and spend the past 5 years together. On the up side ... he has an amazing teacher.

School ain't what it used to be. Did you know they're not teaching script anymore? It's all about technologies.

Last year's issues will resurface after summer hiatus ...

    childhood obesity and proper diet

    security for the students and faculty, an issue that has prompted special training programs for teachers

    opening schools affected by natural disasters this summer

    sexual issues - teens and their hot teachers

    bullying and discovering that bullies are abused at home and take that into their adult life, becoming the mentally ill

    dealing with students emotional issues and denial

My daughter Tracy, who teaches in Gilbert, AZ. made an interesting statement this weekend, one that I thought everyone knew. "People show their worse behavior to their families". This takes us to the soul group in which we play out our dramas. No one seems to push our buttons more than the people within this group. If you are lucky - your programming to stay in their emotional games ends, if not, as I have seen with clients and friends, it "tears" you apart, first on an emotional level, then on the physical. If this is you - I hope you are programmed to walk away now.

Here is your assignment for today

Type this ... "My most memorable moment in school was .... " Then finish it.

Next ... "During my metaphysics studies, the most important thing I learned was ..."