Saturday, August 3, 2013

Travel Plans

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sherif called from Cairo, where things are really serious, the future uncertain. Why does he remain there? You know ... the feeling of trying to make a difference in the history and destiny of his country. On July 29, 2013, he was in the news to that end (photo above). He said that no matter what changes are set in motion now, they will take 5-10 years to implement. Good luck ... I finally understand. Sherif and I share different political views. He is a Republican who thought GW Bush was going to be a great president when we met December 2000. He was also willing to give Morsi a chance and look how that turned out. I think he just sees the good in people and hopes for a positive outcome. At least he understands the hologram with a powerful connection to me and its demise.

Clients still come here guided to that end, but not sure how to get there, as few are not programmed for end time change. From the outside looking in, everything in reality is shifting faster and faster ... as we try to adapt.

Safety abroad is a major factor now ... fear always rules. Glad I'm staying in the US as I leave for CT this weekend and some summer fun.

  US worldwide travel alert over fear of al-Qaeda attack   BBC - August 3, 2013
The department said the potential for an attack was particularly strong in the Middle East and North Africa. The US intercepted electronic communications between senior al-Qaeda figures, according to officials quoted by the New York Times.

Program Changes

As a Time Warner customer, I lost WCBS in NYC yesterday. My friend Charlie works for Verizon and said FIOS is being installed in our building, though not as yet available. Most of us have been waiting for FIOS for years. I don't have many favorite shows on CBS, and the few I like can be watched on Hulu on Amazon with one exception "Person of Interest" which starts its new season on September 24. I hope Time Warner and CBS have a "meeting of the minds" as it affects millions of viewers. Stayed tuned...

Time Warner Cable drops CBS in New York, L.A., Dallas   USA Today - August 2, 2013
CBS said Friday afternoon that it has failed to reach an agreement with Time Warner Cable by their 5 p.m. deadline and the cable company has dropped the No. 1 primetime network in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other markets.

Coast to Coast

Something made me click on the Coast to Coast website Friday. I've never stayed up late enough to guest on the show, as was suggested, or listen to the show, but today, I was drawn to the website and found the link below. As I scrolled down the list of names of people who have crossed over - whose name should I come across by Philip Coppens, who was a guest on my radio show and a featured guest on "Ancient Aliens" - someone who's presence made a difference. He was only 41 when he died of cancer on December 30, 2012, just after 12/21/12 - the alleged Mayan Calendar end time date. The list includes several researchers who I spoke with through the decades, highlighted with Al Bielek. Fred Bell and I once stood in a pyramid as I interviewed him on my TV show "the Metaphysical Experience." I was surprised to see Bill Cooper's name omitted from the list but I guess he was to controversial.

In Memoriam   Coast to Coast - August 2, 2013
On the 8/1/13 show, we remembered the trailblazing Coast to Coast AM guests who have now passed on.