Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Earthquake Watch

Check the map for the current locations and global spreading areas of quakes from pole to pole. They are sneaking up on us.

Uh oh .... 4.7 in the North Mid-atlantic Ridge won't cause a tsunami on the US east coast yet ... but in the future ... look out! Look at the red circle ... head west ... what US state do you see? You don't need a big tsunami to take down a coastal area. Look what Sandy did last year. Just a few feet of water will cause severe damage.

Don't forget the check the depths of the quakes - Japan and Indonesia highlight. Strong quakes continue daily in Japan and are a given in end times.

The Pacific Rim is always cracking. That little orange circle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a 4.5 in Hawaii. Look at Easter Island - those Moai have to be rockin' and rollin'.

Onto the Mediterranean Region where Greece, Crete and Italy shake everyday. Even the African continent has been rocking' in recent weeks. Yes ... it's all going somewhere.

Tectonic Plates' Patterns Revealed   Live Science - August 13, 2013
The biggest jigsaw puzzle in the solar system has a split personality: The number and sizes of Earth's tectonic plates can flip, according to a new study. Today, the pieces of Earth's broken shell are unequal in size. Of about 50 plates, a mere seven account for 94 percent of the surface. The biggest, the Africa and the Pacific plates, are antipodal, meaning they sit on opposite sides of the Earth. But about 100 million years ago, the tectonic plates tiled the planet as evenly as a real-life jigsaw puzzle.