Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So You Want to Write a Book ... And Get it Published

Wednesday August 14, 2013

As I have blogged before, everyone has a "book in their head", often a catharsis of their life - the blueprint of their journey in this hologram. Yesterday, my friend Lisa Sharkey, head of creative development at Harper Collins, shared a few tips with FOX 5 in NYC to guide you. It comes down to marketing and having an audience to buy your book. It's a lot of work.

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Red Hook and Burning Man Adventures

Sunday I visited Red Hook

Tuesday Update: Sabrina, the client I mentioned in the blog, like so many other people I know, is off to Burning Man this weekend. As a professional photographer, she shared the creative level one finds as 60,000 people visit Black Rock Desert each year, home of Pyramid Rock. They not only burn the effigy, but a temple is created each year, and that is burned the next night as people unite with prayers and hope for themselves and the future. Now that is what I calling burning off your karmic ribbons.

Sabrina, like all of my other friends and clients who attend each year, asked me to go. Too old ... and not the camping out type ... though I love the energies as they connect with my 1954 alien experience and new insert in the program. That being said, this year at the festival ... after they "burn away" the old ... Sabrina is going to close her eyes, hold her arms straight up, and ask to connect with whomever I met in 1954 ... and if there is a message for me. This should be interesting.

Darren, another photographer friend from the city, is also going to Burning Man and said I would love it and could give at least one lecture to the large audience. He told me to rent an RV and join them one year. Check out Darren's photo project of Burning Man. As creative and interesting as it seems, I don't see myself there, though I know it will be another spectacular event.

My friend Lewis, a film producer, is unable to attend this year, but came up with a great idea. He owns and operates an organic farm in upstate NY where he will host a mini version of Burning Man that I am also invited to. Maybe ...

The Blue Moon and The Perseids

Perseid Meteors Over China   NASA - August 21, 2013