Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making Connections

We use our cell phones for many things - the growing number of apps more creative each year. There seems to be an app for just about everything and a better way to reach everyone - the range of our connections becoming faster and clearer as technology improves. But ... could the tech world have invented an app to communicate with spirits? How cool would that be!

Spirits are known to ring a phone when they want to say, "Hi." The phone rings, you pick it up, and no one is there. This generally happens more than once, so you know it was spirit. Yesterday, I dealt with the questionable suicide of a young woman who had everything to live for. This morning, as she still remained in my thoughts, my Panasonic landline phone, made the beeping noise it does when you hang up and put it back on the base - the problem was I didn't use the phone today. Then it created a beeping pattern as if one beep for yes and two for no. Curious .. but nothing surprises me anymore.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Mobile App Conjures Spirit World   Live Science - August 8, 2013
Sending and receiving messages from beyond the grave used to require a caftan-wearing medium hosting a seance in a dark, candlelit room. How 20th century. Today's medium can ditch the caftan in favor of an iPhone, now that a pair of developers in Greenwood, Ind., have developed Spirit Story Box, an app that claims to let the dead communicate with the living. Developers Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz of StreamSide Software created Spirit Story Box in an effort to improve on other paranormal apps, the Indianapolis Star reports. The iPhone app, upon detecting the presence of otherworldly spirits, displays the words that the dead would like communicate (not unlike a modern-day Ouija board).