Monday, August 5, 2013

New Moon Tomorrow

New Moon 14° Leo

I read some of the blogs about this new moon, and they point to a time of creativity and self expression, whatever that means for you. Most astrology blogs were generic and go to love, light, releasing negativity and resolving issues, awakening, etc. ... you've read it all before.

My moon is 5° Leo, and don't feel affected by this new moon yet, but there are still a few days for this aspect.

One blog mentioned that Leo rules children - never heard that before. I think that would be about connecting with your inner child or your emotions. You get up each day, think about what you are going to do, and with each thought, your emotions process and react. You go from objective to subjective processing in a second. Your brain has its patterns (codes) to follow in physical reality.... and so you begin your day ... emotion to emotion ... and don't stop until you return to sleep.

I was taught by an astrologer that a moon in a fire sign means something fiery is going to happen. So far all I can see is the sun sending off solar flares but not towards the Earth. Of course, fires means explosions ... so let's wait and see.

Another blog mentioned that this is a time to consider your next step or be open to change. This would make sense as we move quickly toward Virgo Transition. Can you feel your life about to change?

In a new moon, we try to create something new - or at least set it in motion - to come to fruition in the full moon in Leo 6 months from now, which is actually Valentine's Day 2014. :)

I'm sure you know ... astrological aspects affect each of us depending on ... not your chart as much as your programmed experiences.

Leo (the lion) is one Z's symbols along with crown, flame, and wings. He is very present now, to talk to him.