Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jesse Marcel Jr. Dies

August 27, 2013

On August 2, 2013, after reading a post on the radio show Coast to Coast AM, I bogged that many of the long time UFO researchers and healers are crossing over now, among them my friends Mike from Brooklyn who died of cancer last year and my friend Deja who died this spring. I just saw them "leaving" one after another ... their mission, to make a difference, accomplished to the best of their abilities. And so it is coming to pass and I see more, though I will not type their names here, only to say they are famous and have spent their lives in pursuit of truth. Today we add to the list ....

Jesse Marcel Jr. of Roswell fame died at 76   UFO Digest - August 26, 2013
Jesse Marcel Jr. of Roswell fame died suddenly of a heart attack on Saturday August 24. His story and that of his father are intertwined with crashed UFOs and extraterrestrial bodies. He was a father, physician, soldier and hero. Kevin Randles' Blog

May 18, 2013

Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, regarding Roswell at the Citizen Hearing for Disclosure
at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

On another matter ... Sunday I blogged about a visit from Terrance McKenna known for his use of hallucinogens and Novelty Theory (Timewave Zero). Monday afternoon, Ron called on his way to Newark Airport for a week long conference in Silicone Valley.

The last time Ron attended a conference there was 9 years ago where he spent some of his spare time listening to a series of tapes from .... Terrance McKenna. Ron had been really surprised when I mentioned McKenna in my Sunday blog. In physical reality, synchronicities have merit and are easily created to make a point for the experiencers.

McKenna's vision about the future was interesting and in some "novel" way coincides with the theme behind Crystalinks ... "Reality is a consciousness hologram in which souls come here to experience emotions." McKenna spoke about Timewave Zero. I call it Zero Point when time and space cease to exist.

As Ron and I talked, the movie Inception came to mind. In the film ... elapsed time in each of 3 dream levels is roughly twenty times greater than in the level above it. In the deepest level of all (3rd level), the planned ten hours of outer-world time would be experienced as almost two centuries. In other words, the lower consciousness descends into the physical, the slower the movement of time and frequency. In the spirals of time, we experience here in 3D consciousness or third dimension ... the lowest and the slowest. Taking this to McKenna and hallucinogens, Shaman travel to the Spirit World. In the film, the dream was called the outer-world. It is all about altered states of consciousness and focused perception believed to be reality.

I believe the message from McKenna was, we hit zero point on December 21, 2012 in the higher levels of reality. They have already closed and are rapidly spiraling downward to this level as they implode into each other. It would explain why I always get the message that the program has already ended. McKenna wanted me to know that ... as is above, so will be below. Wait for it.

From its Inception ... Until its End ... the Dream Continues