Friday, August 30, 2013

The Situation in Syria is Syrious

Friday August 30, 2013

The program has created a very interesting, yet deadly, scenario at this time - and I feel a need to express my opinion on Syria - though I am in no way a political analyst. I am opposed to war after decades of seeing what it does to Americans on so many levels, not just today, but for generations to come if you look at the timeline probabilities. I never thought we should be fighting on foreign soil unless attacked and in today's world, ... go in ... go out ... use drones not men ... and do it quickly. Yes ... I know about collateral damage but sometimes the end justifies the means. I never thought I'd say, "Let's get 'um," as we can't afford another war - but the Assad regime is out of control and chemical warfare affects the world. Though Britain may have backed out for now, and that is understandable, this could change, especially after there was another chemical attack today. France backs US on Syria action   BBC - August 30, 2013

Chemicals from these, and upcoming attacks, will disperse into the air and travel to neighboring regions. This also applies to the fallout from the radiation leak at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, smoke from wildfires in Yosemite that are expected to last for months, and volcanic ash from active volcanoes.

Let's see what Obama does next. I see us going to war again but this feels different.

Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, on Labor Day weekend I want to blog about something positive. It's the last official weekend of summer and people are planning all sorts of celebrations. Whatever your plans, have fun.

Fun Times in Gilbert, Arizona

My granddaughter Joie turns 11 on October 19th (Libra)

My daughter Tracy emailed ... Joie is running for the office of Spirit Advisor. The winner will work for our student government organizing all the fun activities and events in her school. She is perfect for the job! She is so full of life and happiness. Everyone just loves her energy and sense of humor. She is turning out to be someone special.

In Nevada we find ...

Burning Man Website

Burning Man - August 26 - September 2, 2013

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In Atlanta ...

August 30 - September 2, 2013

Dagon*Con Website

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