Friday, August 9, 2013

Only in New York

More strangest in the city than usual ...

Subway Shark One of Many Exotic NYC Animals   National Geographic - August 8, 2013
Subway riders on New York City's N train found a fishy surprise on Wednesday: a dead shark riding with them on their daily commute. No one knows how the still-wet, smelly carcass got there, but before Metro Transit Authorities removed the shark Wednesday night, passengers leapt at the opportunity to snap photos of the 1.5-foot-long (0.4-meter-long) shark with a subway fare card, soft drink, and cigarette.

NYC becomes archaeological site covering centuries   AP - August 8, 2013
The city has become an archaeological site, with thousands of artifacts such as an 18th-century bone toothbrush with animal hair bristles and wine and champagne bottles corked centuries ago unearthed to prove it. A copper half-penny and a pair of children's shoes are some of the other remnants of early New York life workers discovered in lower Manhattan while digging to install new utilities for the growing residential and business South Street Seaport area. Last week, under a 15-foot stretch of Fulton Street, near Wall Street, more than 100 liquor bottles from the 18th century popped up, some still intact and corked, as first reported by the news website