Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, where we go again ... another blog about the insanity in the world. People have always been unstable in one form or another - subject to emotional flares triggered by brain chemistry and their programming. It's not just human insanity that seems to be at play now, but from what I observe from day to day, things in this reality simple don't work and malfunction in the most bizarre ways. These events are getting predictable, as the glitches in the grids are getting worse and more apparent in everyone's life.

Here's an email from a friend in the city, sent last night.

    Hi Ellie,

    This day had been so frickn' bizarre. First UPS decided to deliver a package @7:55 (ugh). Then FedEx shows up @8:45 ... But as I buzz them in, the electric door buzzer downstairs sticks & continuously buzzes.

    I go back to bed ..... I go downstairs @10 & find our front door lock is broken. My landlord won't call a locksmith & my neighbor fixes the door.

    At 9pm, I start my microwave & all the power in my apt goes out. Everyone else in my building is fine. The circuit breakers are fine - they didn't go off. I switch them back & forth & nothing happens.

    I call ConEd to report the problem. They say its likely the wiring in my apt. I call landlord. He will have his 'handyman' look at it ... I ask him to send an electrician. Ugh

    THEN ... At 12:30 am ... ConEd rings my buzzer & wants to come in (!!!). I tell him I'll deal with my landlord in the morning ..... Ugh again !

    Maybe it's time to move ... Now that I've been left in the dark ! Haha

Here's my experience beginning last Friday.

    I had an appointment with Time Warner to fix 3 things - a broken remote that needed to be replaced, Channel TNT which doesn't work on one of my cable boxes, and a new high speed modem. My appointment was between 2-4pm.

    At 3:30, I felt that something was wrong so I called and a voice recording told me someone would be there soon.

    At 5pm, I called again and spoke to a woman who said I was on the schedule and she would investigate and call me back. Nothing.

    I called again at 5:45 and got another nice woman filled with apologizes who also said she would find out what was going on. Never heard from her.

    6pm the phone rang ... TW confirming that someone would be there in 5 minutes.

    7pm the TW guy showed up. He changed remotes, was unable to fix TNT as he is not a technician and brought the wrong modem as he was not the guy who was originally scheduled to come out but as he was in my area so they asked him make the service call after working a 10 hour day. He went to his truck and returned with the right high speed modem and set things up.

    About TNT - he gave me a paper with a phone number to call the next day between 8am-10pm to resolve the issue. The paper included Saturday so I called Saturday morning. A voice mail said the office was closed until Monday.

    Monday, I finally got someone to help me - the problem to be resolved later this week - and they are not charging me for the service call. The woman I spoke to this time, lives in Queens not far from where Aaron Alexis was born and remembers the family as she is his age.

    Yup! Things just don't work but are still tied together in the most bizarre ways.

Washington Navy Yard Shooting

  Navy Yard shooting: What we know and don't know   CNN - September 17, 2013
The one question we all desperately want answered may have gone to the grave with Aaron Alexis: Why? Why did he park at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, walk into Building 197, perch himself on an overlook above the atrium and open fire? The bullets that rained down killed 12 people and wounded eight others.

You will read a lot about the life and times of Washington Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis, 34, who grew up Bushwick, on the other side of Brooklyn. I read that he was at 9/11 and suffered from PTSD as well as other psychiatric problems. For now police are developing a profile as they piece together the events that lead up to the Washington Navy Yard Shooting. How many people out there do you suppose are like him - unable to cope with life in 2013? Once again we find a mentally ill man totally overcome with rage, frustration, and emotionally deteriorating. That describes many people in today's world so be careful if you have to deal with them.