Monday, September 23, 2013

The TV Season

Monday September 23, 2013

There's two new seasons starting, as we watch events unfold across the globe. Yesterday, we celebrated the start of Autumn in the northern hemisphere, and Spring in the south. They are supposed to represent balance to the souls, but it's the dramas and bizarre behavior of humans that perpetuate our experiences here. The change in seasons and celestial motions evokes in us an anticipation of what comes next.

Televisions are not as they once were, when I first discovered them, growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's. We've come a long way since the old black and white models, to color, 3D, and more. It sort of parallels the evolution of our consciousness from the black and white dream to color to lucid dreaming and beyond. To look back is to understand how television is a stepping stone in society as we come together to raise consciousness until the final moment when the last program airs and all Fades to Black. I wonder what will be happening in this reality on that day?

At home TVs are getting bigger, while on the move one can watch their favorite shows on cell (mobile) phones, tablets, and other such portable devices. With advances in technology - and the advent of tweeting - we can be there at a moment's notice - and never skip a beat. We understand the positive and negative sides of being "watched" when we don't want to be, but it's all part of programming as time marches forward and truth is revealed. Yes ... it's a process but it is really moving fast now.

Today marks the beginning of the fall TV season in the US where shows both returning and debuting make their mark on how many of us will spend our time over the months ahead. (Great Jet game yesterday followed by the Emmy's).

Sunday night, I watched the 65th annual Emmy Awards featuring some great entertainment highlighted by Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John. Many of the shows and performers who received awards can be seen again this week as they return to TV. My daughter, Nikki, loves Breaking Bad, and though the show is in its 5th and final season, she wants to buy me the complete set of DVD's. No time for that and really don't feel connected. Actually, most of my favorite shows were not nominated.

I made a daily list of the shows I want to watch this fall - then programmed them into my DVRs - the total without news and sports coming to 20. If I was retired, I know I would take the time for talk shows like Ellen, Arsenio, and several others that I watch on occasion, but I'm not at that point in my life just yet.

I often wonder if my love of TV comes from being a visual learner or something else. Though sci-fi was my favorite - and I miss adventures through the Stargate - the only show of interest now in that category being Haven.

What's cool about watching programs on DVR is that I get to fast forward through commercials and scenes that might be violent or chase scenes (used to fill in time) and "cut to the chase."

Does anyone know if Ancient Aliens is returning? Like everything else, the show had its day, made its statement, gave us food for thought, lost a main character when Philip Coppens died last year, and it would seem there is nowhere else to go in proving that ancient visitors came to Earth and created the human race as part of a biological experiment. Was that premise myth or the growing revelation of humanity's origins, and what comes next?

So what am I recording as the week begins? Bones, Castle (I didn't now Nathan Fillion could sing until last night), and Sleepy Hollow (surprisingly I liked the show as it opened with time travel). I'm also trying Hostage (Dylan McDermott is hot) and The Blacklist starring the original Stargate Daniel Jackson, actor James Spader.

Revolution returns Wednesday. The premise of the show is a global blackout. It made me wonder if I could exist in a world without electricity and the things I have become dependent on. I doubt it. I'm just too old. As season 2 begins ... the power is turned back on but creates a new experience for the world. Maybe I should consider this part of my sci-fi experience this season.

Okay ... let the week begin and hopefully it will be better than last week's insane Full Moon events. Client themes continue with the element of surprise in their lives, and choices they never anticipated would face them. From a 45 year old unwed woman who never wanted children and now finds herself pregnant to a man who wants to make a difference but running for office ... yes, indeed ... things are getting more unpredictable every day.

I just read that Oprah almost had a nervous breakdown this year. Why does nothing surprise me anymore. It's all Breaking Bad. At the Emmy's - to quote CNN - "It was a night of surprises Sunday at the 65th Primetime Emmys with the joke being that no one won their office pool - except maybe in terms of "Breaking Bad."