Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday, I spent time with my neighbor Joanne, who almost died on 9/11. She described her experiences in the North Tower as she ran down 85 floors to safety. She ran and ran and ran, then hid under a car, some of which she captured on film, which she plans to show me. She watched people she knew die. She suffered from PDSD for 16 months. She has always been active in the 9/11 memorial dedications at Ground Zero. She received many calls in the past few days, but this year she decided she couldn't be around those energies anymore. She may never fully recovery from the events that day, but she has come a long way, and most of all takes care of herself. She is a beautiful soul who loves to help people.

Also saying good-bye ... for those of us who watched Burn Notice over the past 7 years, tonight is the series finale, filled with explosive energies that followed the series through the years. I love a "happy ever after ending", but feel this is not the case as this show Fades to Black.

Matt Nix, Jeffrey Donovan, Sharon Gless dish on 'Burn Notice' finale   LA Times - September 12, 2013
The series finale of Burn Notice will air on Thursday night, and when it ends so will the life of one of the show's main characters. That's all USA will say in advance of the highly anticipated episode titled Reckoning.

In the world of football, my favorite sport, the NY Jets play the NE Patriots tonight ... a game within a "game" and lots of action adventure.