Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Morning in the City

I woke up at 6am, put on NBC News as usual, and was surprised to see that a fire broke out in Bay Ridge around 2:00am destroying two homes not far from here on 92nd Street.

On the eve of the Democratic Primary for Mayor here in the city, we look at the candidates, follow the news, and hope for the best. This is a colorful array of people - Anthony Weiner from Brooklyn (Jewish, you know his story, he could have done a lot to help the city), Bill Thompson (black), John Liu (Asian, from Queens), Christine Quinn (female, gay, met her this year), and the front runner Bill de Blasio (Italian from Brooklyn). Political decisions will also highlight this week with the Syrian Crisis.

It was an exciting weekend in football as the NY Jets beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18-17. Sadly for New Yorkers, Cowboys beat the Giants 36-31 in the season opener.

As the temperature always peaks in the city around Yom Kippur - this morning Chris, the weatherman, mentioned something about the 3 HHH"s (hazy, hot and humid) on Wednesday with temps around 90°.

As schools open today for millions of students, surveillance is at an all time high. It's interesting to see the mental and emotional profiles of students returning to class now - from those eager to move forward to others who hate school and have issues that parents need to address. Some students simply can't do it all - from school, outside activities and what they observe at home from the people raising them. Student abused at home, or those with emotional problems, will not function in school this term. Remember that reality is also a classroom in which you are the students.

This is the view last night from the Verrazano Bridge just outside my home.

From today. Last night, sky watchers in Europe and the Americas witnessed a beautiful conjunction of Venus and the crescent Moon. At closest approach, the two brightest objects in the night sky were less than 1° apart.