Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Playing Politics

If you "listen" ... you will hear an eerie silence in the grids, though I'm not sure what that means and have stopped speculating because the grids are changing too quickly.

Today, we look at politicians (must we?) and how they deal with wins and losses over Syria and other issues. It will be interesting to hear what Obama has to say, as he addresses the nation tonight. There is something very contrived about the way this is playing out that goes along with "the silence". The world is following events in Syria that hopefully will find a resolution very soon. I still don't see WWIII or the US going to war with Russia or any of the other scenarios you read about ... and yet there is something missing. Now "look up". Do you sense us being watched, as if by an audience?

Voters in NYC will determine the future (?) of the city with the Democratic primaries and an interesting array of players who want to be mayor. Can anyone fix the issues? No. Who would you vote for? I like Christine Quinn but she won't win. We have ... Anthony Weiner from Brooklyn (Jewish, you know his story, he could have done a lot to help the city), Bill Thompson (black), John Liu (Asian, from Queens), Christine Quinn (female, gay, met her this year), and the front runner Bill de Blasio (Italian from Brooklyn).