Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Moon - 13° Virgo

On a new moon 13 (is that bad luck?) Virgo - the games of economics unite global players (leaders) at the G-20 summit in Russia. But do they really make the decisions? You know they don't. One might equate this to a meeting of the Bilderberg Group which allegedly began in 1954 - but has far deeper roots and covert affairs. So what's new at G-20 this year? It's supposed to be a summit about the global economy, but the debate over possible military strikes for Syria's apparent use of chemical weapons is already overshadowing the G-20 conference this week. The meeting in Russia will pit two leaders with polar opposite views on Syria -- U.S. President Barack Obama, who wants to launch limited military strikes against the Syrian regime, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country stands by its longtime ally in the Middle East. The views of the 18 other countries at the G-20 run the gamut -- but could be influenced by whatever happens in St. Petersburg.

Things to consider if the U.S. attacks Syria: 1. What will it accomplish? 2. What comes next? 3. What will it cost? 4. Is there another way? One cannot have an informed opinion because we are not being informed. By now, we all know about hidden agendas and conspiracy theories.

As the Jewish New Year begins, how will war this affect Israel? I've read the stories about Iran attacking Israel ... and spoke to some very interesting people who feel this could lead to WWIII - but I don't see it.

Remember that we are in Virgo Transition when everything changes. Next week is the 12 anniversary of 9/11. Our current economic situation - by any name - began 9/08.

Is the "other shoe" about to drop? Do you sense something? Though people in general are "losing it" - does it seem more pronounced since Virgo? Fear seems to rule ... and things are out of control for many people who are just breaking down due to stress. Being in control of one's life is most important but seems more difficult to attain as time passes and people do the most ridiculous things that are not in line with who they were before the grids collapsed. People don't/can't think. They make mistakes. They react and wonder about their own decisions afterwards. It's going to get worse as the program ends ... and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Just be prepared for whatever - from climate to finances to health ....

Pseudoscience: "Look" for the energies of Z in the role of Thoth. What is he doing? I see him taking an old Torah that he wrote and burning it. The Torah is not just about the Hebrew alien bloodily mentioned in all mythologies, but it's the story of this reality.