Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why We Choose The Homes We Do

September 2013

We chose our homes for different reasons, which vary in our lifetime. Often it appears that our homes chose us, as we are guided to them. We walk in, look around, and say, "I'm home!" as the energies feel right or there is a feeling of deja vu. Your soul knows where Home is. It is where much of your karma is played out in a lifetime. We play out our lives with passion and emotions ... such is the way we create our homes.

Some people have only one home during their lifetime, while others move many times. People often return to their family home to act as caretaker for elder relatives, due to financial loss, or emotional burnout. The number of homeless people has increased since the recession began in September 2008.

    Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions   Wired - September 14, 2013
    In his series on Black Mountain, Nevada, Light's photos put viewers in the plane with him as he glides over 640 acres of dynamite-flattened hilltops, carved through with pristine roads and cul de sacs linking graded house foundations. But there are no houses. No lawns, no pools, no sidewalks. No guard-staffed gates. This is the site of the Ascaya luxury housing development, which has lain dormant since the economic crash of 2008.

Home decor in the 21st century has become eco-friendly - green, energy saving, with preparation for the natural disasters and environmental changes that now affect the planet. The home construction and design business has increased even during the economic decline. The Internet and reality shows also help people design a comfortable home with less effort than in the past due to advanced technologies and stores like Home Depot.

Everything in your home affects you - size, shape, colors, the layout of the rooms in relationship to each other (feng shui), the ambiance set by the design, room temperature, ventilation, windows and skylights, lighting, flooring, among other factors. Most homes are designed so people sleep with their heads facing magnetic north.

Often we buy or rent a home based on immediate needs. In all ... one's home should be in balance for their needs.

Metaphysical Influences

Your choice of home is influenced by your astrological chart, specific numbers including the address, access to bodies of water or nature, and many other factors that we learn about in metaphysics.

Spirits: Some people experience the energies of the spirits in their homes who may be aware of their presence or not. Spirits are in fact projected illusion in the hologram of our reality.

Portals: Some people believe there is a portal in their home through which entities come and go.

Emotions: If you are lucky enough to live in your home of choice, it reflects your spiritual journey and your emotional needs. Clutter and hoarding are topics we look at today as they are indicative of one's state of mind. The nature of metaphysics is to create balance in your outer environment to have balance within, as one reflects the other. One might create a "Sacred Space" within their home to that end.

Creative Architecture

A home can be created from just about anything.

Restored Church

Recycled Aircraft

Shipping Containers

House made of beer cans

Converted Barn Home

Geodesic Dome

Netherlands Cube House

Tree House

Apartments - Flats

Underground Bunkers

House Boats - Floating Architecture

Storage Unit

Water Tower

I live here ... on the other side of the bridge.

Weird Houses Around the World


Write the things you love about your home.

Now write the things you'd like to change.

Next get something to design on.

Begin to draw the home in which your
soul would be most comfortable.

What is the home made of?

Where is this home?

How many rooms?

How many levels?

Which is your favorite room?

Who lives with you?

Are there pets?

Is there a fence around your home?

When you are finished

Look at your drawing.

Evaluate your design.

Homes in Ancient Civilizations