Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday in the Program

Yesterday, I blogged about the new TV season. This morning, I decided to watch the shows rather than wait. By far the best new show was The Blacklist followed by Hostage. As always "Castle" did not disappoint. Tonight, two other favorites return "NCSI Los Angeles" followed by "Person of Interest". Can't wait to see John and Harold in action again. I love the bad ass adventures - but the techie stuff is just as good. Both shows taught me about how technology is used in surveillance and cover affairs. Whenever I read about a shooting - as there are so many these days - I wonder, "What would Harold or Nell and Eric from NCIS Los Angeles do?"

It's another gorgeous day in the city with major grid lock due to meetings at the UN General Assembly. Imagine the stories that go on behind closed doors that we can only speculate on - the deals brokered. You think you know ... but trust me you don't. In a rapidly changing hologram ... on a need to know basis ... who has the answers? ... nobody! The object is to keep the players and audience guessing until the end.