Friday, February 21, 2014

A New York Frame of Mind

Friday morning ... It's back to cloudy, overcast, with some light drizzle, but at least there's no snow. As I look out most of the snow is melted here in Bay Ridge. There's always tomorrow ... sunny in the 50s. New York Today: Winter Interruptus   New York Times - February 21, 2014 -- Cute article about things in and around the city today.

Did you know ...

Jimmy Fallon was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Juniors, a famous restaurant in Brooklyn ... like forever ... has been sold. A closed Staten island prison is going to become a film lot. Someone is building toilets in Manhattan that will cost you eight dollars for use. You know what most men will resort to again, don't you? No more happy endings in Bay Ridge ... they closed the Bay Ridge massage parlor on 5th Avenue. Pres. Obama is pictured in one of these articles. Which one do you think it is?

I've really enjoyed Jimmy Fallon as host of The Tonight Show. I record and watch the shows the next day. I look forward to seeing Michelle Obama on Thursday night's show.
Bay Ridge-born Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show   Brooklyn Eagle - February 20, 2014

Bay Ridge residents had a special reason to watch Jimmy Fallon's debut as host of The Tonight Show on NBC Monday night. Fallon is a native son. The former star of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and Saturday Night Live was born in Bay Ridge, according to the New York Daily News, which reported that the comedian's family moved to Saugerties, New York. Fallon grew up in that upstate community.

Junior's selling flagship location in Brooklyn   NY Daily News - February 20, 2014
Junior's plans to sell its downtown home, clearing the way for a new condo building with a really sweet perk - easy access to top-flight desserts. The iconic eatery is expected to move out of its 17,000-square-foot flagship following the sale, but believes it can negotiate a deal to return as a tenant and open a new restaurant on the ground floor.

Former Staten Island prison to become a film lot   NY Post - February 20, 2014
The big house is ready for its close-up. A Brooklyn-based studio will convert a defunct Staten Island prison into a sprawling film and TV production complex - which will become the country's second largest outside of Hollywood. Greenpoint's Broadway Stages won a bid from the state to buy the former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility for $7 million and spend $20 million to build five sound stages with 100,000 square feet of studio space on the 69-acre site.

Luxury toilets planned in Manhattan for $8 a day   NY Post- February 20, 2014
Posh Stow and Go plans to open clean, safe and soundproof johns - complete with lockers, showers and baby-changing stations - near Grand Central Terminal by this summer, said company founder Wayne Parks.

'Happy Ending' for Bay Ridge massage parlor site?   Brooklyn Eagle - February 20, 2014
Surely the new tenant at 7811 Fifth Ave. will be more respectable than Shirley Day Spa. The now-closed massage parlor gained notoriety last summer when the owner and two workers were arrested in a crackdown on alleged prostitution at a dozen Bay Ridge salons.

Memos About Life ...

What used to take a lifetime to experience, now takes a decade, or a year, or a month, or a week, or a single experience ...


The weather finally warmed up in the city today, temperatures in the 40s. With that we find both positives and negatives as usual. On the upside, yesterday's rain washed away much of the snow leaving the streets passable and pedestrians finally able to get around, especially the disabled and moms pushing baby carriages. Today is definitely a well needed breath of fresh air in the middle of one of the worst winters on record. On the downside ... between the freezing and the thawing ... that pattern repeating most of the winter ... there are many deep and dangerous potholes ... which could eventually turn into sinkholes ... so both drivers and pedestrians should be careful. Then there's the flooding that will come now that the snow is starting to melt.

I've heard some crazy stories this winter about ice. One client in New Jersey got into her car to go to work only to discover that her tires were frozen to the ground. Another woman went to the beauty salon - had her hair colored and cut - but didn't have enough time to have it blown dry. She put on her coat and hood and ran to her car parked just outside the salon. When she pushed back the hood - her hair had frozen icicles hanging from it. And the stories go on and on.


One of the markets that's starting to move now, is the real estate market. I wouldn't have expected it to start up quite this early in the season, especially with the weather, but it seems that things are getting busy. People are still looking for foreclosures to renovate and roll over. If you know how to "work it" in the real estate market you could make an investment and live off of the profits. There's nothing new about that. This is not a bad time to invest if you can get a really great bargain and you know someone who can modernize an old building reasonably.

I don't really follow the stock market - it's simply not my thing. I know that men love to involve with the stock market - often like a game or as a means of getting income without having to work. Whatever works ... successfully.

Northern California scored with another Powerball winner Wednesday night. The winning ticket was sold at a Chevron station in Milpitas in Santa Clara County, the state lottery said. The store will get a $1 million bonus for selling the ticket. Congratulations!

The Ukraine - Unlike the fight for freedom, and resulting violence, in other regions around the world, the Ukraine is not a Third World country. The freedom of the people there is not only important, it is symbolic.
  Ukraine: Seventeen protesters killed as EU talks begin   BBC - February 20, 2014


No matter how you look at it ... souls can no longer be suppressed ... existing in meaningless endeavors they call their daily lives. They want freedom and opportunity in career and life. New generations, old generations and those of us in between ... know it's all going somewhere ... the momentum accelerating as we come to a place we know we can be free.

In this subroutine of the hologram, humans are programmed to understand that with each passing year, we are programmed to be both rich and poor in all aspects of our lives, and that anything can and will change in an instant. You can be successful in business and love one day - and lose it all the next. You have to be adaptable and go with the flow not with your ego, even when life makes no sense.

You tend to "feel" that there is a balance to the scales ... the checks and balances of life that are going to make it all worth the effort ... sadly that may not be the case in your end time programming. You also have to be strong enough to rebuild in the world with the word "build" has different meanings than when you were younger, as societies and economies change. You often have to reinvent yourself and you don't even realize it at first, or until it's too late. The past is done, recorded, and right now means nothing in the bigger picture of your experience here.

All of this may sound confusing, but for some reason I think humanity is supposed to be confused and unfocused at this time, perhaps to disconnect at the end. Your patience will be tested to the max in whatever time remains. Hold-fast to your believe systems unless they are antiquated, then once questioned and doubted, quickly let them go.

Plan your finances realistically - for any contingency that may occur. Do not take on the responsibility of someone else's life because you will probably wind up being disappointed.

Whatever Moves You In End Times

Our brains go along ... often aimlessly in the streaming projections of consciousness. Suddenly there is a spike in the grids/timelines that catches our attention ... as if awaking us from sleep-state to focus on something that is significant to our purpose here. We pay attention because we are programmed to know that something major is going to happen very soon. This week we experienced ... another earthquake in the Puerto Rico trench, a CME, and the adventures of a media crew and German conspiracy theorists who tried to unlock the secrets of the Great Pyramid only to find themselves in trouble.