Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why are you here? Why is anybody here?

Yes, folks ... people are still trying to figure that out even after years of healing and soul searching. The feeling of having a special purpose is encoded in all of us. It's like having "hope". It keeps us going or we would't keep going at all. As people lose focus and meaning in life, what continues to drive them is this feeling of, "I am here for something special", and yet few people know what that is.

It's that M.A.D. - Make a Difference - Moment

The healers think it's about healing. The energy workers think it's about shifting grids. People attribute different values to what they consider their purpose in life. At the end of the day, few people are here to do anything except experience as per their programming.

The realization of who we are in a holographic simulation is the end of the mission and something everybody will realize when reality closes. Life here is getting harder and harder. People are finding weirder and weirder ways to survive.

What is your purpose? To just be ...

The truth be known ... nothing is safe anymore ... yet alone your computer. Hackers will do anything to hijack a computer, more often for the challenge of it. Hacking goes beyond surveillance and looking into your personal files. It has to do with using your memory to add to theirs. Born with the ability to easily configure the algorithms needed, the latest generation of hackers is expanding.

Email is one way they gain access. Never open attachments unless you know who sent them. Be careful opening email even if labeled "official". Be suspicious. Last week I got an email from Apple that looked official. It requested personal information. I called Apple who confirmed that they would never send an email like that.

The donation ... here's something very tricky. Someone makes a $1 donation to Crystalinks through PayPal. In return, they expect an email message from me thanking them. At that point they can change the content of the email and make it appear I am saying things that I am not. It reminds me of theft identity where people start using somebody's stolen credit card with a small $10 purchase. The banks are savvy to all of that.

The moral of the story is ... It's not just the government that can access any of your personal information - any good hacker has the same capabilities - and most are hidden in the shadows.