Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thanks for the Memories ...
But What Do They Mean?

In my wake-up dream Wednesday morning, someone was telling me that end time scenarios are being run to make sure the program closes properly. I was not impressed. I could see endless projections that materialized so quickly I couldn't capture them. They had no direction ... emerging into my visual field simultaneously ... then pull back and away.

Was I supposed to remember something? Maybe I did ... and maybe I didn't. I hate feeling dumb ... or should I say unaware. There are things in life we are not programmed to remember, but this is something I feel I should know, and yet it is vague as the imagery. Bummer!

I really can't wait to get to a place where I understand things at a higher level. I know ... I know ... it can't happen in physical reality. Waiting is boring and redundant especially when you know something is coming though you don't have the details. Tick tock ...

Whatever Moves You In End Times

The Puerto Rico Trench

Check out the earthquake map. This 6.7 quake in Barbados is in the Puerto Rico Trench - not that far from Cuba - where other big earthquakes have occurred in recent weeks one rattling the Florida Keys. Had the earthquake in Barbados been more powerful, it would have caused a tsunami. Like a giant metaphor, everything is rumbling under the surface. This includes the mid-Atlantic Ridge. --- Tremors felt in Barbados after 6.7 earthquake at sea - the third in three months   Mirror.UK - February 18, 2014

This area takes us to the Bermuda Triangle and tales of alien and government bases under the water. Most of the sea floor in the Bermuda Triangle is about 19,000 feet (5,791 meters) down; near its southern tip, the Puerto Rico Trench dips at one point to 27,500 (8,229 meters) feet below sea level.

Waiting for a major CME?

This image says, "I'll huff and puff and blow your hologram down!"
(I've been spending too much time with children.)

On Feb. 17th at approximately 04:50 UT, a magnetic filament erupted from the sun's western limb. A minor geomagnetic storm is in progress on Feb. 18-19. The cause: Magnetic fields in the interplanetary medium have tipped south, opening a crack in Earth's defenses against the solar wind. Because of its location on the sun's western limb, the eruption did not send a CME toward Earth. However, there was an effect on our planet: Shortwave radio loudspeakers roared with static, an event called a Type II radio burst. Here's how it works: The explosion sent shock waves rippling through the sun's atmosphere. Those shock waves, in turn, triggered plasma instabilities in the solar corona that emit strong radio emissions. The static-y "roar" of the explosion was picked up by solar observatories and ham radio stations across the dayside of our planet. Based on the sweep of radio frequencies from 20 MHz to 500 MHz, analysts estimate a shock velocity of 776 km/s or 1.7 million mph. That may sound fast, but it is typical for this type of eruption. -

The Sun takes us to Sun Gods, Aliens, and Egyptian Adventures

For millennia people have quested for the secrets of the Great Pyramid. Is the pyramid linked to science, math, time travel, aliens, Atlantis, creation, other? Is it an exit and entrance point of the simulation? Does it have a spiritual purpose - above and below? Are there hidden chambers and secrets buried within? Is there a connection to Orion and a black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy through which all things are projected into this reality? Does any of it matter at the end of the simulation? There have always been myths and theories about why the Great Pyramid exists in our reality. As I see it, there are no secrets, nothing is hidden, nor is there a Hall of Records to be found, but the energies are pretty cool - or at least they used to be. The Great Pyramid is just another insert in the hologram.

Some people are still programmed to quest for answers in the pyramid and other sacred sites. Many believe that they were part of a group who buried secrets in a past (another) life. None of that seems to matter in 2014 ... like a distant memory that is nonexistent in the hologram ... like the Great Pyramid itself ... crumbling at the end of time ... building blocks once important now destroyed. All that really seems important is understanding the hologram. It was like a milestone reading this current New York Times article Is the Universe a Simulation?.

Great Pyramid at Giza Vandalized to 'Prove' Conspiracy Theory   Live Science - February 18, 2014

Two German men who visited the Egyptian pyramids in April 2013 now face criminal charges for their attempt to prove their "alternative history" conspiracy theories through vandalism. The men, Dominique Goerlitz and Stefan Erdmann, were joined by a third German, a filmmaker who accompanied them to document their "discoveries." The men were allowed to enter the inner chambers of the Great Pyramid at Giza normally off-limits to the public and restricted to authorized archaeologists and Egyptologists. The group reportedly took several items from the pyramids, including taking samples of a cartouche (identifying inscription) of the pharaoh Khufu, also known as Cheops (4th Dynasty). Goerlitz and Erdmann, who are not archaeologists but have instead been described as "hobbyists," allegedly smuggled the artifacts out of the country in violation of strict antiquities laws, according to news reports.

Egyptian Initiations