Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The main story of the day, both in the city and around much of the country, is the weather. Brooklyn was not hit hard by the snow but it is cold and it is icy. So many people are failing to see the small patches of black ice - slipping and falling. Where ever you are be careful and prepared, there's two more storms headed east. I just ordered a small lantern from Amazon - hey you never know.

February 4, 2004 - Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook

10 years ago, people belonged to MySpace - which had a really low frequency. Professionals joined LinkedIn, but for those with issues, a new platform for social media was needed. And so the hologram put that thought in Mark Zuckerberg's mind to create something new with his college roommates. A new insert (algorithm) was placed in the hologram - one that would bring humanity together in a more interesting and upscale platform. It was all by design. Two years later, on March 21, 2006, Twitter would enter the arena of social media changing everything by making the process of getting information out quicker and more concise.

Do you belong to Facebook? Did you belong and left after it was no longer useful in your life? I still belong to Facebook and post links to archived blogs most days. I have 5,000 friends and about 3,000 followers. In all, I have met far more interesting and exciting people through Crystalinks, and my other work. It seems like yesterday I was blogging, "Crystalinks Turns 10". That was 8 1/2 years ago. Most Facebook friends want to be entertained. Most Crystalinks reads want to be informed.

We all know some of the reasons Facebook was created - friendships, business, dating, finding people from the past, getting one's message out and making a difference, more. We are all looking for friends of like mind, who understand us, who take the time to share, Facebook is just one of the many venues. To me, it's just a way to pass the time, for something we sense is going to change all of reality. As with all things, eventually we want to move on to something new. :)

10 years of Facebook   CNN - February 4, 2014