Saturday, February 8, 2014


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NBC Coverage

I recorded the opening ceremonies and will watch the highlights later. There are bound to be some memorable Olympic moments amidst the chaos created by the political and social climate in Russia. This is, after all, about the athletes. Enjoy.

Saturday February 8, 2014

My consciousness wandered into a strange grid sequence last night during 10 consecutive hours of sleep. It was like watching scenes from the film 2012 where everything was ending. From scene to scene, something cataclysmic had happened and I was watching/ waiting for the final moment of closure ... then I'd find myself in another grid with the same theme. There were no emotions attached to any part of the dreams. I was just an observer in a never ending array of potential closures ... any of which play out. I remember thinking ... "Emmerich got it right. 2012 is not a date ... it's a closing event/code." The dream sequences ended simultaneously as I watched. I saw a giant blue light ... then everything faded to black as I woke up ... surprised to be back here.

Grandchildren Moments and the Color Blue

Do you remember my oldest grandchild, Michael?

This year he and his friends turn 16.

Here he is with his friends going to one of many Sweet 16's.

Michael is in the back row - wearing a light blue shirt.

February 14, 2014

Full Moon 26° Leo

Grandson Matthew (Leo) (scroll down to see them today) and Sasha (Aquarian)

Valentine's Day goes to issues of the heart. Aquarius can be fickle ending a relationship on Valentine's Day especially on a Full Moon in Leo. The best present to buy your partner, or wife, is always flowers, plus whatever else you feel would make her feel that you love her and have taken the time to think the gift through before deciding. If you're shopping for flowers online during Mercury Retrograde, be sure you know they will arrive on time and be fresh.

33 Degrees of Separation

Wednesday February 5, 2014

33° has various connotations. In the program of our reality, 33° is considered a Masonic or Master number that changes one reality [insert] to the next. Weather wise 33° changes the climate of everything. It is the move, metaphorically, from consciousness frozen in time to the flow of the collective unconscious.

Today it was 33° here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The traffic flowed as did the events of the day. All around us the temperatures were below 33° - the snow falling.

My grandson Matthew, 10. and his BFF John in Westport, CT. ... So many show days

Matthew's Dog Sami enjoying the snow