Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6

Many things begin and end today. It's opening day at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Mercury retrograde begins and will definitely affect the Olympics - dramas ahead. Here in the city, fashion week begins. Friends and clients will be attending various events. I decided to pass on my invitation.

Jay Leno airs his final show ever tonight. I hate to see him go as I like the way he presents the news with a humorist twist. As with his predecessors, I would have liked to see him retire rather than be fired. This is truly symbolic of the way the corporate world works today and we are after all in Aquarius - quick and sudden changes and departures. Jay doesn't look like he's ready to retire. He leaves center stage in the number one late-night talks show position.

February 14, 2014

Full Moon 26° Leo

Grandson Matthew (Leo) (scroll down to see them today) and Sasha (Aquarian)

Smack in the middle of the month - and all the comings and goings - next Friday we find Valentine's Day which goes to issues of the heart. Aquarius can be fickle ending a relationship on Valentine's Day especially on a Full Moon in Leo. Aquarius is not always easy. The best present to buy your partner, or wife, is always flowers, plus whatever else you feel would make her feel that you love her and have taken the time to think the gift through before deciding.

February 6-13, 2014

Fashion Week in New York City