Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crash !!

That's the sound of records breaking as snow blankets a large part of the United States. It's also the sounds of vehicles and people who did not heed the warnings and stay home. It would seem the previous storms so far this winter were precursors for what we're dealing with today - which as you know - is a precursor for anything in end times.

I stepped outside to take this photo. On a clear day I can see One World Trade Center in the far distance ...

The view through my living room window ... You can't see the bridge today.
I love the pink and white light. Maybe that's Z saying, "Happy Valentine's Day".
The snowflakes created the Big Dipper to the right. OK ... So I love snow.

Locally, it's so dark outside, I actually slept 11 continuous hours last night. Right now, thick snowflakes twirl in front of my window with an accumulation of about 5 inches so far. My NBC weatherman, Chris, said this will change to rain later in the day, followed by snow, followed by rain ... on into tomorrow. I'm not sure how many inches we're going to get but north of the city it's really going to be bad.

My children were planning to come to Brooklyn on Saturday, to take me out for my birthday, but that most likely is not going to happen. I remember last year - we had made the same plans for the Saturday after my birthday when I returned from Nashville. Once again, it doesn't look like a family celebration is going to happen.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - 2.14.14. With all this snow, some couples might be home starting their celebration early, making little Scorpio babies. :)

Today, I'll be working on the children's project I started Monday.

"Stay warm stay safe". This seems to be the mantra of many of my blogs this winter.