Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Midweek Check-in

There's another storm headed this way as once again I prepare to be stranded ... though not bored. It's the next round of winter weather and yet I see the light at the end of the tunnel as March is not that far away. Winter storms have always happened. It's the temperatures in the days that follow that determine the effect on human life. I remember winters when I was a child, with lots of deep snow, and dads who built huge snow slides for the children to play on, but nothing quite like this, where temperatures remain below freezing for weeks on end, and no one has fun in the snow.

We all know it's part of the accelerating climate changes in end times. Over the past two weeks I blogged about flooding in the UK, while over in Sochi, they have record-setting temperatures in the 60's. On Friday, President Obama will visit California to discuss the long-running drought and its impact on the state. Last year was the driest year on record in California and 2014 is not looking much better. If you check the earthquake map you'll see a large red circle which indicates a 6.8 quake in China today. Speaking of setting records - I've only followed the highlights of the 2014 Olympics - with not much enthusiasm.

The world seems to be in lots of "hot water" no matter where you turn. Speaking of which ... Tuesday, the hot water heater in my apartment had to be replaced. I know Vinny the Plumber, for many years. When he comes to fix something, we always talk about the world of the esoteric, which truly fascinates him. Vinny always has some cool stories to share about his personal experiences, and events that occur in some of the apartments in the buildings owned by my landlord, his employer.

Tuesday, Vinny brought his 22-year-old son, who is a Senior at John Jay University in the city, going on to become a police officer. We all discussed the natural disasters and the climate changes that are occurring today. When I asked about reality, Vinny's son said, "We live in the Matrix". I asked him why he had said that and he went on to explain that it's becoming fairly common knowledge in his age group, especially with educated students. Yes, indeed, the world is awakening to changes on all levels of awareness. No matter what anybody's belief system is, what their personal goals are, there's no mistaking the fact it's all changing.

Remember the little lantern I bought last week from Amazon? I put it to good use when Vinny was working making the area light and bright. I really think it's very important in this day and age to have all kinds of backup emergency equipment.

It's Wednesday ... and a new day is about to begin. I'm currently involved in a children's project with former teacher friends that has really captured my heart. Luckily, I can do all of my work from home on the computer and conference calls. The project began on Monday and continues into next week, which includes Presidents' Day and winter break here in New York. At the end of each day, I consult with my grandson Noah to get his opinion and approval on my contribution to the project. Noah loves it and has offered few suggestions. I can't ask for more than that. It's interesting that when you're young you seek the approval of your parents. Here I am turning 71 and I'm seeking the approval of my eight year old grandson. :)

Stay warm and safe wherever you are ... whatever you're doing.