Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Buck Rogers - Thursday Blog

Wednesday January 23, 2019

January 23, 1943

Let's talk Space Force with Buck Rogers. [He is one month older than me.]

Gil Gerard is an American actor best known as Buck Rogers.

I have a superstition about saying too much about
what I want to happen, just in case it all disappears.

Interesting that I feel the same way ... the disappearing part.

We left Monday's frigid temps and moved into cold - the 20's - Tuesday as off I went for an adventure with friends. Today we face a "heat wave" of 44° as we adapt to the ups and downs of climate change and life as Earthlings. [Take me with you Buck Rogers ... two old Aquarians in the 25th Century.]

Along the way Tuesday we encountered two male friends wearing shorts, sneakers, and jackets. It always surprises me that some men still walk around in shorts no matter what the temperature even during a cold spell. Talk about freezing your ass off!

Also of note was a conversation about some sort of social media challenges people are doing now. As if life isn't challenging enough people seem to do these weird crazy challenges that are both destructive and make no sense to me though I do like "silly".

When they did the ice bucket challenge - a neighbor asked me if I would do it with her by throwing a bucket of ice over her head. I told her no and she knew better than to asked me if I would want a bucket of ice over my head. Are we that bored being down here?

Today there are other challenges - many food related - that unless you are a college student shouldn't attract people and yet they do. No matter what my age I would never participate. I have never like practical jokes or anything that hurts others' feelings or can cause personal injury.

Dramas in entertainment continue from Chris Brown to "who was snubbed" at the Academy Awards if any of that matters to you. You know I'll record the show and watch the highlights as time permits for a few laughs and a look at fashions.

On the matter of metaphysics, clients basically take it to Wellness - as healing and energy remain an ongoing theme to help others understand the nature of reality. People still open Wellness Centers where most discover they are not cost effective and have their fare share of dramas. It's the need to make money while helping others and oneself that is the algorithm for that energy. "I want to leave my day job and make a living in Wellness." You need ... money, a business background, a partner you can trust, a backup system if all fails, location ... location ... location, marketing, a website, YouTube, and more.

One client in California asked if I would be her mentor but I declined. I pretty much stopped doing workshops, never taught online, and my email is very brief not a place to teach. I have never liked email - reading or answering it as there is not enough time unless its a friend and then again they know I prefer to talk on the phone.

I would love to do a Podcast but not sure how to go about it. I will go back to YouTube which was lots of fun in 2017 but did only a few in 2018 because I felt I had nothing more to share though viewers asked me to do more.

One has to be carefully what they say in this crazy world of haters, trollers, government conspirators, and everyone else who can turn you words around (we all know that much of the news is not, or has ever been, real and that everything is subjective). Luckily none of that has not happened to me ... but you never know as we reach the end.

The energies are so fragile and broken now if anything can set somebody off it will. I will choose my words carefully when I go back to YouTube and as always walk on neutral ground for most issues.

The world of science has nothing spectacular to offer so far this week but Wednesday and Thursday - if you follow science news - the highlighted science articles come out.

Then of course there's the whole political crisis that is growing and getting scarier by the day as 800,000 people will go without a paycheck again creating collateral damage in more ways then most people know. The news is filled with stories about people having no money for the basics - medicine, food, and rent. Sadly not everyone has a back up system.

Frankly reality never made sense to me but I understood why. It was programmed to be broken ... that crack in the ice rapidly melting down like the ice just outside flowing from frozen to water then reconnecting to become part of the flow of the collective unconscious.

Hold on Buck Rogers ... I'm getting my helmet ... but if you must know ... I'd rather go through the Stargate with Daniel Jackson and the rest of the SG1 gang.