Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Precipice of Existence - Reality Check 2019

On the matter of aliens and endless UFO reports and sightings ... biogenetic experiments and agendas ... meetings and telepathic encounters by too many people to be ignored ... and everything else we believe or anticipate happening ... the truth will out when the simulation ends.

Until then the UFO phenomenon mirrors other conspiracies, lies, and distractions created by the grids as busy work. We remain in physical reality like a time bomb about to go off sensing something earth shattering is going to happen as we stand on the precipice of our very existence.

Reality Check 2019

The collapse of anything - especially a society, a civilization, and in the bigger picture an insert or simulation, is always accompanied by chaos. When I used to blog about the close of the simulation people respectfully said nothing because they simply weren't programmed to understand. Today we focus our collective consciousness on Reality 2019 in which everything is collapsing causing some to avoid the news and others to look for answers in spirituality.

The same age old questions resurface - who created this mess? Why am I here? How can I make a difference or make sense out of any of this? When will it get better ... if ever? I live my life enjoying the moment though I understand the tragedies faced by the human experiment since the beginning of time. Keep it simple and be prepared.

Physical reality exists below in the red areas meaning emotions - highlighted by depression, anxiety, and auto immune diseases. Above (higher frequencies) are the consciousness grids - algorithms of simulated experiences upon which you act and react.