Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Storms - Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse 0° Leo

It's mid-winter as storms of different intensities and descriptions sweep across the country creating havoc in their wake. For now the sun is shining in Brooklyn as I expect clients here this morning into the early afternoon. This weekend the city is expected to dodge the bullet as a storm heads this way arriving as rain though north and west will face other challenges.

We all know about the political storms facing the nation and rippling out across the world as everything is connected. We prepare for the worst and deal with things as they happen. I follow the highlights and enjoy each day as it comes.

For us football fans Sunday is the day to enjoy the AFC and NFC Championship Playoff Games as we head to Super Bowl LIII. As always I follow Tom Brady and the Patriots. In the news ...

Can things be balanced during a ...

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse 0° Leo

'Super blood wolf moon' lunar eclipse set to be visible across
North America the last until 2022