Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ellie Turning 76

Wednesday January 9, 2019... Out for a birthday lunch with Brooklyn friends Jane, 60 and Mallory, 70. I'll be 76 on Feb. 17th.

We never stopped laughing. Lots of spirits visited us today during lunch. Their messages were very interesting and funny.

A few facts about Ellie at 76...

Being a Senior ain't what it used to be.

I have no health issues. The girls said it's from years of clean living and little stress. In part. P> Sleep is very important. I never nap ... sleeping 9 hours every night. Sleeping is most important because that's when the body heals itself or a new insert is substituted.

The girls talked about hair color ... but I never colored my hair - just a few gray hairs.

Everyone is shrinking but I'm not.

I love to work.

My parents and grandparents never made it to my age. No siblings ... born to a women who couldn't have children.

I never meditate (boring) and not into healing and energy.

The girls laughed because I'm not a hugger. Jane says it's my Reptilian genes which could explain why I hate hot weather.

Could my destiny be connected to my 1954 UFO encounter? Yes. I have always known why I'm here. Readers of Crystalinks get it ... Tic tock!