Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Distraction ??

Is this what 2012 is going to be about?

It would seem that 2012 is going to be an interesting year to say the least. There will be people preparing for doomsday, and others focused on the political scene, or are they the same? By the time the Presidential election comes around in November ... you'll want the program to end. Maybe that's the plan behind the plan. Don't prepare for Doomsday.

The list of candidates includes names of people I had to check on Wikipedia, as I never heard of them or were unfamiliar with their policies, which are bound to change anyway. After careful review - and you can throw Sarah Palin into the pot, my conclusions - none of them can fix the economy. Why? It can't be fixed. As to the Democrats - it will be Obama again, and more of the same. No matter ... it's almost over ..

Alas, I find it boring! These are ALL DISTRACTIONS and I prefer to follow politics with Jay Leno. His monologues say it like it is and brings humor to an otherwise ridiculous simulation.

Politics and conspiracies is a man's game - not my thing. Besides ... it's retrograde and all will change by September.

If you were President, what would you do? Me .... the first order of business ... bring home the troops. Stay out of other countries. Fire Congress ... especially those who are overly 'exposed'. We talk about how to manage our personal credit - out of control for many people - now apply that to the country. If you can't afford it ... don't do it. Oh yeah ... don't forget the black ops projects and UFO dissemination ... bring it!

What do you see for 2012? for the world? your life? finance? publishing? elections? Earth changes? human consciousness?