Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene
Sunday Morning
Ellie in the Eye of the Storm

Am I protected or what?! Taken: 8:16 a.m. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Does this photo remind you of the rose colored glasses below?

At 8:16 a.m. - I stepped out on my terrace to take a photo to post here. Conditioned by last winter's blizzards, I expected to be met by cold air. No way! The intense heat and humidity were stifling. I quickly took my photo and went back inside. All around my area coastal flooding is occurring which you can read about on the news. We are at high tide. Battery Park City (Ground Zero on 9/11) seems to be protected. Here in Bay Ridge, the winds caused little damage as we are in the eye of the storm which will remain over the next few hours.

Z wants me to mention that the only Irene I am friends with, is the Irene I went to Egypt with December 2000. Remember the 12/12/12 magic?

Before I fell asleep last night Z showed me this image of the Mayan Calendar. The calendar began to spin counter-clockwise faster and faster looking like a hurricane, whirlpool, or galaxy. Quickly the spiral effect disappeared into the center (eye) ... then all was gone ... as was I for another 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

A New Moon brings high tides. - The

August 28, 2011 -- New Moon 5° Virgo

To See the World Through Rose Colored Glasses

In the Virgo New Moon, people plan for change. In the energies of 2012, we know they have to be practical and encompass the changes the program presents.

Making Plans:

    Plan A :: The Program self-corrects and we all live here happily ever after or whatever

    Plan B :: The Program closes - the Ending Comes Out of the Blue - We all go home


    See yourself seated on the beach like the couple above (my favorite photo of the week). The sand represents the sands of time - the water the flow of the collective unconscious or streaming consciousness, grids - the couple representing Yin/Yang - the soul reunion of Twin Flames.

    Put on some music, if available. Close your eyes. What do you see?