Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Word Order and Other Conspiracy Stuff

With all that's happening in the world of politics and finance, it came as no surprise that the most popular file this week on Crystalinks is the Bilderberg Group as once again people question who really runs the world, and what their agenda is. The Bilderberg Group file sits near the bottom of the stats program until consciousness senses "The Next" is about to happen -> then shoots to the top overnight.

Some refer to a clandescant group as The New World Order, but I've heard other titles. It's all linked to the mythologies of our programmed reality, Masonic Symbology -> and the events of 9/11 in this timeline which wraps it all up. FADE TO BLACK

The 21st century (3). 9 (endings). 11 (Masonic Program, DNA, etc.).

When I think about a powerful covert group who run a world order created on a premise of intrigue and secrecy - what comes to mind is an image of the The Consortium or Shadow Government on the TV series X-Files. They were also known as The Elders and The Group. According to their mythology, the truth is that the alien invasion begins December 21, 2012. (12+21+12) (3+3+3 =9). The answer lies in mathematical code and binary code. What we need is an autistic savant to solve the mystery about an end time date.


Matrix Code

As art imitates life ... and it's all connected by myth, math, and metaphor ... we come to this about the X-Files ...

    Following the launch and US commercial failure of spinoff show The Lone Gunmen, whose March 2001 premiere episode dealt with an airplane being hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center, writers found it hard to deal with stock X-Files themes in the wake of the September 11 attacks. At the start of the ninth (9) season, viewership declined by 29 percent in the United States alone, and the series was soon canceled.

All programs eventually get canceled as will ours. We are recycling everything now with little new material.

Conspiracy theories are more popular today as solutions cannot be reached, fear and confusion are taking hold, and 'truth' is the only thing that remains.

No one wants to be a pawn in a program that was set up for failure - no matter who created it and runs the show above and below.

We all know that Obama had some rude awakenings when he took office learning the truth about who calls the shots heard around the world - and above.

At the end of the day (program) what is the biggest conspiracy secret out there going back to the First Secret and the ancient mystery schools?

You should know the answer if you read this blog ... Reality is just a consciousness hologram. There are no mythological gods in our subroutine of the program - perhaps an alien group or two to make things interesting, such as the Grays, which allow one to understand that reality is a bio-genetic experiment set in linear time for experience.

Today the players in the games of life regroup and continue on their search of proof and answers. Without the quest ... life loses purpose.

Follow the Money ....

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