Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday's Memoes

Once again I am reading clients born on April 14 or 4/14 or 14/4. Not sure why but it does add up to 9 (endings).

Updating your Mac to OS X Lion? Bruce sends us this simple Apps compatibility table.

.... Somewhere in the Atlantic ... hurricane Irene (google news) heads up the coast.

  Live Coverage: Tracking Hurricane Irene   The Weather Channel - August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene Affirms 'Magic' Hurricane Date   Live Science - August 24, 2011

Hurricane watchers circle Aug. 20 on their calendars every year. This is the "magic" date when hurricane season seems to kick into high gear. Like clockwork, Hurricane Irene - the Atlantic's first hurricane of 2011 - was born on Aug. 22, later strengthening to a Category 2 hurricane. Last year was another good example of an active storm season ramping up after Aug. 20. All of the 2010's major hurricanes (those of Category 3 or higher) formed after Aug. 20, starting with Danielle on Aug. 21.

2011 Virginia 5.8 Earthquake

2011 Virginia 5.8 Earthquake - August 23, 2011   Wikipedia -- The earthquake had an epicenter in Mineral, Virginia - not far from Washington DC. ... (2 metaphors or more.) (mineral - gold, alchemy, they came here for the gold, etc.) (Washington, DC - the Masonic Program - 11/11, etc.) ...

East Coast quake cracks Washington Monument stone   Reuters - August 24, 2011

The earthquake that shook much of the East Coast cracked one of the stones at the top of the Washington Monument, a National Park Service spokesman said on Wednesday.
The huge obelisk, a prime tourist attraction on the U.S. capital's central Mall, was evacuated soon after the quake was felt around 1:51 p.m. EDT on Tuesday. The crack in one of the stones in the monument's pyramidium -- the pyramid shape at the very top -- was detected during an inspection by helicopter, spokesman Bill Line said. The monument remains closed until further notice, Line said.

At 1:50 p.m. EDT - my apartment building started to shake. The higher up from the ground - the stronger you felt it and I live on the top floor. Luckily there was no serious damage.

As I sat at my computer, my apartment swaying, I heard the tinkling sound of my crystal chandelier in another room. I found that interesting as I had psychically heard the same sound, and saw crystals from a different chandelier, tapping against each other, while doing a reading earlier in the day. A small clock that sits on a shelf next to my computer feel off its stand (metaphor).

My immediate reaction (instinct) was nothing like the Fade to Black Experience in June 2009. The earthquake was another marker - insert - precursor of what leads up to Fade to Black. I felt no fear .. no panic ... just curious as this was my first ... earthquake that is. As with all firsts, it came and went quickly, leaving a lasting impression.

There were two tremors - the second one more powerful - all told lasting about 20 seconds. Remembering a TV program about earthquakes, I stood in the doorway until I knew it was over. It's interesting that I didn't think to connect with Z - as it didn't seem necessary and he always has my back.

George was the first person to call just after the second tremor. "Did you feel it?!" he shouted. George lives on the top floor of a high rise building in Manhattan, much higher than my apartment on the 6th floor. There was an unspoken knowing between us about what this earthquake meant - like an affirmation all was happening according to plan. Then his cell phone went dead as did much of the service in the city with so many people using their cell phones. Service was quickly restored.

I went to talk to Sal the building's Super, but found a note posted by the elevators that he left for vacation. I thought about going downstairs to the street but didn't want to get stuck in the elevator, or on a stairwell, should there be an aftershock - and most 5.8 earthquakes have aftershocks. No one was in the hall as everyone was at work or outside.

My thoughts ... Perhaps my friends are right .. the program closes before December 21, 2012. Okay ... I can live with that!

Back in my apartment, my phone rang off the hook with calls from friends and family. There were texts and emails as people compared notes to get a better picture of what was going on.

Friends who are sensitive to earthquakes, reported they felt the onset of the quake, over the past few days. My friend Barbara, also in Bay Ridge, has 2 dogs. She said they started to howl shortly before the quake hit the city.

Shari reported ...Hi Ellie, I live in SW Virginia and while I didn't feel the quake yesterday, I had an unusual experience. I was sitting outside around noon and suddenly became aware that the birds were silent. Usually they are so noisy! A feeling came over me that there was a message there, but I didn't know what. Then I noticed two big crows sitting high atop a tree making a noise that sounds like a wild turkey. I looked up at them and it was as if there was a connection between us, they were trying to tell me something. Then they started making a clicking noise. I knew something was up, but I never thought it would be an earthquake here on the east coast! Around 1:00 am today there was a 3.4 aftershock, but none since then.

Outside, people calmly gathered in the streets - reminding me of 9/11 with the same eery calmness before the quake - the magnetics powerful. This is needed to bring in a new insert.

Nuclear Power Plants: It seems each Nuclear Power Plant hit by the earthquake closed down as soon as their area experienced tremors. Good job. Preparedness is the key.

As you know ... Virgo Transition started today along with the energies of 2012 (see blog below). The North American plate is broken as are all the plates around the world. It's showtime.

This earthquake happened during Mercury Retrograde (repetitions and delays) - and will happen again - but not exactly the same way. It came hours after a 5.3 earthquake hit Colorado and NM.

What are we looking for? ... something to set off Yellowstone.


From 3-4:00 p.m. I read a client named Katy who currently lives in Shanghai. Yes .. she stayed up late for the reading. The energies of the reading were so high due to the magnetic shifts taking place with the earthquake, I was able to tell her information in vivid detail, such as the name of 4 co-workers who do not have generic names like John and Mary, describing their lives. The information just came to me quickly and effortlessly. Ah ... the return to higher consciousness...

At the end of Katy's reading I 'saw' a graceful dragonfly with cellophane wings that became a dragonfly on a stainless window - designed in shades of blues, purples and greens. After the reading Katy looked up dragonflies on Crystalinks and emailed this.

    "The Maya considered the dragonfly to be one of the symbols of Kukulcan also known as Quetzalcoatl whose spirit is said to be connected with the fulfillment of the Mayan Calendar -- December 21, 2012." As you know Z is Q or QuetZalcoatl.

Katy recently met an Italian man who's first name is Federico. I told her I have a friend in the city named Robert ... last name Federico ... also Italian. This morning Robert send me a link with a Mayan theme - Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by Mexican Government in '2012' Doc ... and the beat goes on.

Libya ... Virgo Transition

Off with his head !!

Tick tock ...

The 2011 Libyan Civil War is going to spread to the rest of the Arab World - not just those countries we read about earlier this year. The Middle East is set on fire. Europe has earthquakes and financial collapse along with the US. The people of the planet rebel... Nibiru does not return. Jesus does not return. Aliens do not return. We leave ... "Hasta la vista baby!" This program will not be renewed.

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Restoring Libyan oil output could take years   MSNBC - August 22, 2011

The imminent end of a seven-month civil war in Libya holds the promise of restoring oil production in the OPEC-member nation, adding to supply, pushing prices lower and providing the global economy with a much-needed shot in the arm.