Friday, August 26, 2011

New Moon Rising

Aug 28 - New Moon 5° Virgo

In the energies of the New Moon, we watch stories of Hurricane Irene. Today, it's sunny and gorgeous in the city with lots of clients as Virgo brings changes in so many lives. Would you believe .... I slept 11 hours last night without even using the rest room. Not sick. Not overworked - at least on this level of consciousness - but must be really busy with closure. It's the strangest thing - but as I search my consciousness to see what I did in those 11 hours, I see myself happy and in a reunion of sorts.

Time to start the day - many clients. June and July were all about reading Russian clients who didn't know each other but for some reason were drawn to me from different parts of the world - some former clients - some new. This month changed the pattern to clients from India - also living in different places around the globe - some in the US. Then there's the 4/14 pattern .... Curious

Hurricane Irene

The major story now, for those of us on the east coast, is the path of Hurricane Irene as it moves up the coast. It would seem the mid-atlantic states not only took a pounding last winter, but the energies continue with Irene. Of course, we shouldn't forget the earthquake earlier this week that shock people up. Some get the messages, others just say it will all go away - like the economy and political systems fixing themselves.

Hurricane Irene Google News

  Live Coverage: Tracking Hurricane Irene   The Weather Channel

Hurricane Evacuations: Why Some Won't Go   Live Science - August 25, 2011

Tourists and residents are fleeing the coastal islands of North Carolina as Hurricane Irene approaches the East Coast of the United States today (Aug. 25). But if history is any guide, some people in the path of the hurricane will refuse to leave their homes and businesses. Why would anyone put themselves on a collision course with a Category 3 storm?

Hurricane Irene Affirms 'Magic' Hurricane Date   Live Science - August 24, 2011

Hurricane watchers circle Aug. 20 on their calendars every year. This is the "magic" date when hurricane season seems to kick into high gear. Like clockwork, Hurricane Irene - the Atlantic's first hurricane of 2011 - was born on Aug. 22, later strengthening to a Category 2 hurricane. Last year was another good example of an active storm season ramping up after Aug. 20. All of the 2010's major hurricanes (those of Category 3 or higher) formed after Aug. 20, starting with Danielle on Aug. 21.

August 26, 1883

Krakatau Erupts, Changes World ... Again

Krakatau Erupts

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