Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Thursday August 4, 2011, the History Channel series Ancient Aliens presented an episode about the origins of mythological monsters and beasts. Were they part of alien biogenetic experiments? This again takes us back to aliens (Sumer) and humans as hybrids, not to mention other species. Do these creatures still exist in remote areas of the planet? Are they being created in labs today? Are they a result of toxins in soil and water?

Montauk Monster (2008)

Mystery Minnesota Monster Sparks Speculation

Discovery - August 8, 2011

They both bring to mind the saga of other cryptids in the Cryptozoology Index. Tuesday I spent the morning updating all of those files. Really interesting and took me back to ancient aliens, biogenetic experiments, and the illusion of it all. It's all just busy work, as is most other things in the program - usually linked to fear, panic, and anxiety. The more I review and edit the files, the more everything seems to be merging.

Comet Elenin

There is something about this Oct. that carries powerful energies. Look at it. What do you see? I don't believe it has to do with Elenin discovered by amateur Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010.

I see this in his name:

Just following the patterns... and staying out of trouble .. unlike the economy ...