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Helena Blavatsky

If you lived back in the days of the Old West ... cowboys and aliens ... and you were a free spirit who had psychic abilities, you might have created a bridge between you and a colorful character in history named Helena Blavatsky whose work would influence those in the upcoming 20th century. In every timeline we redefine what is spiritual based on grid programming to learn and experience. In today's world, metaphysics is about healing and self-awareness. Some of the old paradigms that created fear of that which is not understood - still exist in today's world. They include religions and giving one's power to an illusionary god. Today people struggle for truth. I believe she understood the illusion of life. (See Helena's Quote Below)

Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey

In 1873 Helena emigrated to New York City. Impressing people with her professed psychic abilities, she was spurred on to continue her mediumship and spiritualism. Throughout her career she claimed to have demonstrated physical and mental psychic feats which included levitation, clairvoyance, out-of-body projection, telepathy, clairaudience, and materialization (producing physical objects out of nothing), though in general, her interests were more in the area of 'theory' and 'laws' rather than demonstration.

The Syfy Channel uses the name Helen or Helena with two characters who lived in Helena Blavatsky's timeline.

    In Sanctuary Amanda Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus, an English medical and scientific researcher who has devoted her life to both hunting and protecting so-called 'monsters'. She runs a 'Sanctuary for All' in NYC, where they may find refuge while she studies them and attempts to help them. Magnus is 160 years old.

    In Warehouse 13 -- Jaime Murray plays Helena G. Wells, a.k.a. H. G. Wells author of The Time Machine. She was a British Agent of Warehouse 12 in the late 19th century, and also the female author behind the works attributed to her brother.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky August 12, 1831 - May 8, 1891

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She was the founder of Theosophy

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I am an old Buddhist pilgrim, wandering about the world

to teach the only true religion, which is truth.

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