Friday, July 20, 2012

1952 Washington D.C.
UFO Incident

60 years ago this month

They came... a fleet of UFO night visitors playing tag with military jets over the U.S. capital, over the Capital Building and the White House restricted air space. A nation and its press demanded answers! A 1952 sci-fi film? No, it happened 60 years ago this month when I was a little girl - 2 years prior to my UFO contact experience - when most of you were not as yet born. Again, we move to a frightened government already entrenched in cover-ups about the UFO phenomena. The psychology of the human grid in 1948 ... the government will reveal the truth one day ... and life continued on.

For two nerve-wracking weekends in 1952 on July 19-20 and July 26-27, in the midst of the largest worldwide UFO sighting flap since 1947, fleets of UFOs buzzed the night skies of Washington, DC, setting-off military alarms with Air Force jets chasing UFOs with a loud chorus of media demands for official explanations. It led to the biggest Pentagon press conference since World War Two. There are those with unforgettable firsthand memories of these astounding incidents from television, radio and newspaper reports, and they who remember know there has been nothing in the history of UFOs like it since, short of an official landing and disclosure.

The lack of a decisive U.S. response to the 1952 UFO overflights, during the largest UFO flap since 1947, was a grand lost opportunity to pursue the road to contact and perhaps open new doors for space travel advances. Brushing off the UFO sightings as hot temperature inversions shut the open airing vents to positive progress. At the time, a close-up flying saucer at night was witnessed by NACA engineer Paul Hill over the Potomac River, setting him on a silent, unpublicized decades-long investigation of UFO flight characteristics, assigned by NASA (originally NACA before 1958) to study UFO reports NASA submitted. After his death in the 1990s, his family published the heroic but muzzled man's book on his study and conclusions, "Unconventional Flying Objects."

1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incident

El Zotz - Mayan Adventures

El Zotz masks yield insights into Maya beliefs   PhysOrg - July 18, 2012

A team of archaeologists led by Brown University's Stephen Houston has uncovered a pyramid, part of the Maya archaeological site at El Zotz, Guatemala. The ornately decorated structure is topped by a temple covered in a series of 5 foot high masks depicting different phases of the sun, as well as deeply modeled and vibrantly painted stucco throughout. The team began uncovering the temple, called the Temple of the Night Sun, in 2009. Dating to about 350 to 400 A.D., the temple sits just behind the previously discovered royal tomb, atop the Diablo Pyramid. The structure was likely built after the tomb to venerate the leader buried there.

This looks like a UFO to me.

Maya Royal Tomb Found Beneath El Diablo Pyramid

July 19, 2010: Archaeologists excavating in the Guatamalan jungle have discovered a royal tomb, filled with colorful 1,600-year-old Mayan artifacts, beneath the El Diablo pyramid. The well preserved tomb is packed with carvings, ceramics, textiles, and the bones of six children, possibly the remains of a human sacrifice. The tomb itself is about 6 feet high, 12 feet long, and four feet wide. The ancient Maya kingdom of El Zotz is located within a day's walk (about 20kms) from Tikal, the capital of one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. Yet, El Zotz flourished in the midst of the 1st millennium AD - after Tikal was defeated by Caracol (Belize) and Calakmul (Mexico). It is likely that El Zotz allied with Tikal's enemies and that relations between the two cities were hostile. According to a text found at Tikal, in the 8th century AD, El Zotz was engaged in battle against Tikal, and the last known hieroglyphic inscription to refer to El Zotz describes the city as being the target of an attack by Tikal.

Night Vision Glasses and UFO Sightings

I know people who have witnessed UFO activity in space for years using night vision glasses or cameras. Friends have seen UFOs perform maneuvers that cannot be explained - at least not to the public. Ships split off in formation, zig zag, travel beyond he speed of craft we have, disappear, and more. You just can't make this up if you witness it.

Some of what is reported may be influenced by the media, TV, film, etc. but much of it, especially the oldest reports, are valid. Today technology is honing in on what it labels "Invisible UFOs" as the program closes and undeniable proof of our connection with alien creators is revealed to all.

Some people report telepathic communication with the ships or entities within, but that is all subjective. What is most interesting is someone receiving a telepathic message that a ship is out there - taking their Night Vision Glass outside and the ship is at the exact degree they were told to look. FYI - All of the love and light memos from ETs have been deleted.

At the end of the day - this is all fun and/or busy work to me until a physical ship lands, entities come out and explain what is going on. The rest is history.

Are the ships ours, theirs, illusion or al of the above? You decide.

'Invisible UFOs' Fill the Skies   Live Science - July 18, 2012
Thanks to zealous alien hunters doggedly scanning the sky with night-vision cameras, a new class of flying objects that only emit infrared light has emerged from the darkness. Are they spies from the great beyond? Some people claim to see actual battles between UFOs up in the sky, using night-vision equipment. Those devices magnify faint objects so much that the sky seems to be filled with invisible UFOs. In reality, of course, they are seeing owls, bats, moths, airplanes, satellites, etc. Night-vision optics trade low resolution for high sensitivity, he explained, so that points of light (such as distant satellites) spill out into circles that make the objects appear huge.