Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Friday

This morning I reminded myself that it's Friday and the week is over. Monday seems like an eternity ago. On the morning news, Chris, my favorite weatherman said we are about to enter our third heat wave with temps going into the triple digits - these accelerating temps allowing me to know how close we are to closure. As for me ... I'm back to the files on Ancient Rome and having fun with them. Stay cool !

I've received lots of email from readers 'down under' - some about earthquakes and today with this story Thousands of Australians still facing web blackout   SMH - July 6, 2012
This could face the US on Monday July 9th. Just more drama in the program.

In times like this, thoughts of ever sci-fi disaster film come to mind - from droughts to floods to the CMEs that are accelerating to the breakdown of global systems .... to finding the Higgs and beyond, into the black hole of creation and grids that create this reality ... it's all going somewhere ... tick tock !

A Change of Being
You may feel a connection to Whitley's latest blog....