Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day

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Canada Day celebrates the creation of the dominion of Canada through the British North America Act on July 1, 1867, uniting three British territories - the Province of Canada (southern Ontario and southern Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick - into a federation. Not so great for New Yorkers ... Power firm ConEd locks out union workers as talks stall   MSNBC - July 1, 2012

The heat wave, wildfires in Colorado, power outages everywhere, schools not in session, and people on vacation, have lowered the number of visitors for now. It just feels like a time to relax and be laid back as this is a holiday week in the US. I want to return to the files on Ancient Rome as I have fun with them. This month we move to the 2012 Olympics and wherever life takes us to keep cool. Over on Facebook I have noted that hundreds of people have taken down their accounts. The feeling is ... Facebook was yesterday ... what's next? I believe people are getting the fact that energy work changes nothing in the grids just their personal grid, if that. For the readers of this blog in Canada, have a great day.

Some things are meant to happen around July 4th.

July 2, 1947

UFO Day celebrates the Roswell UFO Incident.

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The Roswell incident had over three hundred witnesses some

describing the bodies, some the craft, some military procedures.

Were they all perpetuating their own lies in a myth?

Dwight Schultz

July 3, 2012

Full Moon 12° Capricorn

Cool in the Pool

Noah, Matthew, and Friends

London 2012 Summer Olympics