Friday, July 27, 2012

Local Storms

A storm cloud begins to dump rain as it passes over the
Brooklyn borough of New York, July 26, 2012. - Reuters

61-year-old man killed in Brooklyn when lightning strike causes scaffolding at church to collapse  
NY Daily News - July 27, 2012
Lightning Hits Christ Church Steeple

London 2012 is Here

Opening Ceremonies begin 7:30 pm on NBC.

Good luck to everyone.

    Follow it all on BBC     Live now

London 2012 Summer Olympics

Olympic Fortress ... Preparing for London 2012

Many people have discussed the possibility of a terrorist attack at London. I don't see anything significant happening. We all know the repercussions of Mitt Romney's statement on London 2012 security. He still comes across as the wrong person to run a country.

  Fortress London: UK protects Olympics with biggest security plan since World War II   MSNBC - July 25, 2012

The biggest peacetime security operation in Britain's history is under way - an $877-million civilian and military plan to protect athletes and visitors from threats ranging from suicide bombers to organized criminals. But it has also turned some London streets into military zones and Olympic venues into fortresses.

Fortresses and Defense Walls