Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weird Week !

As if life isn't weird enough these days, we had a major holiday in the middle of the week sending consciousness into a space that asks, "What day is it?" I hope you had a Happy Fourth of July. I certainly did. With the exception of the heat, the city was alive with fireworks, entertainment, visitors from around the world which always keeps me busy with clients, and time spent with friends and family.

Today is so quiet I can hear a pin drop - no traffic, not a client, advertiser, friend, or family member in sight ... just me alone watching the ships sail by, as I returned to the files on Ancient Rome this morning. And so I decided to spend the next two days there. Much of Rome is done (metaphor) with the exception of the History files and related.... so off I go to complete them.

Out of Europe ... The discovery of the Higgs on 6/10 (Fibonacci number) - reported to the world on 7/4 - was a major marker on the time grid. The "Wow Moment" may just be a black hole. Also - meeting with people from western Europe confirms that the EU has already crashed, but for some reason the illusion of it being rescued perpetuates for now.

Game plan: Keep going in the simulation for now but expect the unexpected ... ending. Wait for it. Well, actually, you don't really have a choice.